April is National Poetry Month: DAY 2

Today’s selection comes from Esther Star, a young woman I know with a powerful voice. She has been writing since she was little and now, at 17,  her voice continues to grow stronger and more captivating. She definitely has a clear message and that is why I published a few of her works in Salsa!  The Taste of Life. I love recognizing and helping young talent develop, that is an honor  and privilege I never take lightly. Check out her blog too! http://estherstar1996.wordpress.com/

I believe:
These two simple words
More powerful than a nation.
I believe in my rights.
I believe in true love.
I believe in fairy tales,
Dragons, talking animals,
And a God up above.
I believe in a woman president.
I believe in visions
In the power of dreams,
Two very different things.
I believe in long distance relationships,
And I believe in a first kiss.
I believe in my country.
I believe in homeschooling,
And I believe that I am weird.
I believe in dance,

I believe in laughter,
Even when there are tears,
And I believe in a shoulder to cry on.
If I told you all of my beliefs,
You would be here for many more hours;
But now it is your turn
To state your beliefs.
What do you believe in?
-Esther Star copyright 2012

Salsa high res cover

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