April is National Poetry Month: Day 4

Today’s poem comes from my 12 year old daughter. She has taken an interest in song writing . This is a song she performed at a local coffee house recently. She also submitted this piece at a local teen poetry contest and she came in as a finalist.

You’re Not Alone

She paints a pretty picture
But this story has a twist-
Her paintbrush is razor,
And the canvas is her wrist.

Her mother died a year ago,
Depressed and alone.
She wants to die
Bitter and cold.

She dances in the moonlight,
She’s the black swan of the night-
She leaps, prances, twirls, and dances
But she cannot stop the fight.

Your skin isn’t paper, so don’t cut it,
Life isn’t a movie so don’t end it.
Your face is so pretty, why do you hide it?
You have a beautiful soul, but you want to kill it.

Just know you’re not alone.
Stay strong
You are living one big lie
But in the end you will be alright.

by Raquel Brincat copyright 2012

April is National Poetry Month: DAY 2

Today’s selection comes from Esther Star, a young woman I know with a powerful voice. She has been writing since she was little and now, at 17,  her voice continues to grow stronger and more captivating. She definitely has a clear message and that is why I published a few of her works in Salsa!  The Taste of Life. I love recognizing and helping young talent develop, that is an honor  and privilege I never take lightly. Check out her blog too! http://estherstar1996.wordpress.com/

I believe:
These two simple words
More powerful than a nation.
I believe in my rights.
I believe in true love.
I believe in fairy tales,
Dragons, talking animals,
And a God up above.
I believe in a woman president.
I believe in visions
In the power of dreams,
Two very different things.
I believe in long distance relationships,
And I believe in a first kiss.
I believe in my country.
I believe in homeschooling,
And I believe that I am weird.
I believe in dance,

I believe in laughter,
Even when there are tears,
And I believe in a shoulder to cry on.
If I told you all of my beliefs,
You would be here for many more hours;
But now it is your turn
To state your beliefs.
What do you believe in?
-Esther Star copyright 2012

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