April is National Poetry Month: Day 29

And that was then…
When the past was dark and never to be seen again
All your dreams written in pen,
Because they wouldn’t listen.
This is now…
You have to survive a war to stand out
Do stunts that they won’t allow
You cannot have doubt
You won’t survive now..
It was Death knocking at your door
The sails of freedom come to shore
And then it was the sound of being condemned
Now we fight till the end
Because that was their time
But it is ours to shine
That was then..
and this,
This is now —

-Esther Star copyright 2013


April is National Poetry Month: DAY 2

Today’s selection comes from Esther Star, a young woman I know with a powerful voice. She has been writing since she was little and now, at 17,  her voice continues to grow stronger and more captivating. She definitely has a clear message and that is why I published a few of her works in Salsa!  The Taste of Life. I love recognizing and helping young talent develop, that is an honor  and privilege I never take lightly. Check out her blog too! http://estherstar1996.wordpress.com/

I believe:
These two simple words
More powerful than a nation.
I believe in my rights.
I believe in true love.
I believe in fairy tales,
Dragons, talking animals,
And a God up above.
I believe in a woman president.
I believe in visions
In the power of dreams,
Two very different things.
I believe in long distance relationships,
And I believe in a first kiss.
I believe in my country.
I believe in homeschooling,
And I believe that I am weird.
I believe in dance,

I believe in laughter,
Even when there are tears,
And I believe in a shoulder to cry on.
If I told you all of my beliefs,
You would be here for many more hours;
But now it is your turn
To state your beliefs.
What do you believe in?
-Esther Star copyright 2012

Salsa high res cover


Encourage, delight,outrage, inspire –

they capture life

as is, nothing held back,

with all the calm, in all of the strife.

Poets photograph the future

and bring it back.

Poets remind us of the past –

helping us put it behind

where it belongs at last.

Poets sing a song of rain,

and tell us we’re gonna make it,

we’ll rise above the pain.

The poetic voices

from the past and those in the present;

listen to them!

They feel the pulse,

They ARE the heart beat –

the nation waits with anticipation,

for the poets to speak –

encourage, delight, outrage , inspire.

Poets take us to the next great expectation.