Small Beginnings

Don’t despise small beginnings. Just start with what you have. Time, faith and perseverance will take care of the rest.

We all began as a tiny cell inside our mother. Daily we grew because we trusted in time, faith and perseverance to usher us into life outside our mother’s body .

No matter where life has taken you; whether you crashed and burned once or numerous times; know that you’ll always get another chance to start anew.

Let’s not ever forget or despise all of our small beginnings… trust in small to birth the giant in you!

Eva Santiago © 2017



Happy Thanksgiving 2017 to all of my readers. I appreciate you all and I’m always working hard to keep this blog fresh for you . Enjoy time with family and friends!!!🦃🍂🍁🔥🏈

Live in the moment

Laugh in the moment

Love in the moment

Life is lived moment by moment



Moment by moment

Eva Santiago ©2017


This is a call out to all creative souls:

“They need us now, more than at any other time in history , to create our works; to help creation make sense where there is nothing but chaos.”

Sing it

Dance it

Invent it

Design it

Write it

Paint it

Dream it up

Express it

But whatever you do…

Do your part 

A new era demands a new expression …

Eva Santiago  © 2017

Texas in My Soul

Dear State of Texas,

Fear not for the falling waters will not overwhelm you

Your kindnesses and deeds of goodwill are never forgotten

You are amidst a birthing process and you will never be the same again 

Just as in the days of Noah, once the waters receded, a new glory blanketed the earth

A splendor and opulence that is only manifested following unprecedented turmoil

So it is with you my beloved, Texas:

You are headed for peace, prosperity and abundance never seen or heard of in your history . 

Hold your head high as you’re guided to safety

You are the Lone Star  and your star shines ever more brightly in the expanse of the Universe!

Eva Santiago © 2017

What do you do when youth is fading fast?

Well darlin’ I must tell ya,
A heart made ready for aging in your glory days, will be what keeps you going when the last vestiges of bloom , sparkle and splendor make their lingering exit out the back door.

What prepares you best for your golden years? Being fully aware that your character has been tested in the furnace of much affliction. Knowing that the dross has been scooped away and what’s left is genuine precious metal .

Foolish are the ones who arrive at the doorstep of their golden years still covered in the dross of their vanities . What a wasted life! They refused the furnace of much affliction during their youth , when a soul can actually withstand such melting and refining . To be purified and tried during your golden years has got to be hell itself.

Eva Santiago © 2017