Verve- a Rare Word for Talent

What’s in Your cup these days?

Is it a monster that keeps you up at night

And speeds up your heart beat

Only to slow you down, making you feel as if you’ve lead feet?

Is it a red bull that causes you to panic

and makes you feel draggy

all the while you think you’re in Pamplona

with a hundred mad bulls raging after you?

What’s in MY cup these days?!?!

I am a no-nonsense kind of girl

I like neither hype  nor  whimsical fanfare

I do like things organic in nature

My food and my drink-

My kids must adore it, or else I won’t care

My food and my drink-

Must give me great nails and wonderful hair

So what’s in my cup these days?!?!?!

Well you asked, so I must tell you


Drink one and you’ll give up the monster

Drink two and the red bull goes away

Drink three or more

And you’ll experience vitality galore

So what are you waiting for?

Verve is not available in any store

So email this poet to  find out more!


EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2014




1. great vitality, enthusiasm, and liveliness; sparkle
2. a rare word for talent
1.  vivaciousness or liveliness; animation.

2. enthusiasm or vigor, as in literary or artistic work; spirit.
3. Archaic. talent.

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