Wipe Away the Tears

Why oh why is it

The long departed

Visit us in our dreams?

Do the get lonely for us?

Do they miss the good times?

Do they try to correct a wrong?

Do they try to warn us?

DO they miss talking with us?

Mark Twain penned: “What a man mostly misses in heaven is company.”

Sounds legit don’t it?

Could heaven ever feel lonely?

Would we be sad and miss some body?

Oh, every tear will be wiped away!

Believe that!

Used to think ther’d be no tear spillage in heaven

There’s no promise of that anywhere

Just saying tears won’t be shed everywhere

Some one will be there to wipe them away

When the vastness of that place

Causes us to feel small

Some one will come to wipe our tears away

‘Cause heaven aint like here

Heaven is a place where we cry-

But in our weeping,we’ll not be alone

Here we run away to cry

Afraid to let anyone in

Here we cry in shame

We cry and cry and we still feel the same

There we cry

And some one will be there

In heaven our tears are collected

In heaven our tears count for prayers

In heaven not a single one of us is neglected…..

Eva Santiago copyright 2013

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