Deep breaths
Deep sighs
Deep gazes
Deep touching deep
No one gets why things happen
Why things fall apart
So better things can flourish

So we fight the new
And we get mad ‘cause the old is gone
We cried for more
When more knocks on the door
We run in bewilderment

We say, Hell No!
Then throw the baby out with the bath water.
We reject what we can’t readily grasp
Always willing to settle for the comfort
Of something even if it’s bad
Even if it’s killing us
Even if it’s excruciatingly painful
Even if it’s disdainful
Even if it’s taking us to hell’s very portals
We’ll take, it we convince ourselves
We’ll make do
We’ll be fine
We’ll make this freaking  thing work even if it kills our souls in the process

Oh my!!
We settle for so little
We settle for crumbs
We settle for nothing
Thinking it’s everything
We’d settle for a very turd
As long as it’s wrapped in chocolate
We’ll settle for the mundane
Even if it’s driving us insane
We’ll settle for polluted water
When we’re offered libations from the fountain of life
We’ll settle for faking
‘cause what’s real requires risk taking
We’ll settle for nothing
When we could have it all
We’ll settle for a  fleeting shooting star
When The Almighty says the universe is ours

Oh people wake the hell up!
C’mon now hear this warrior’s heart’s cry
We weren’t made to grovel
Or to be beaten down by the master’s shovel
Fight for what you love
Give it your all lest you die
Believe like that small kid you once were

Honor your dream
Honor your life
Honor your self and quit settling for less
Give it your all lest you die.

-Eva Santiago copyright 2013




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