Who wants to enter a contest? :)

To win all you need to do is be the first person to answer the question and you win a free copy of Salsa! The Taste of Life. To be qualified to enter, like this page in the link below and write your answer on the comments.

Who said this?”Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.”

Answer: F. Scott Fitzgerald

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This contest ends this Friday, November 16 2012 at midnight! CONTEST CLOSED.

9 thoughts on “Contest!

  1. That is one of the reasons that parents today have the wrong approach to teaching their children about life.. Not all of them are going to be winners, not everone has to have an “at bat” if you will, and not all of them are “special” it’s okay to teach them that losing is part of life and that it is going to happen to all of them, sooner or later. But most importantly, that trying your best, is more important than being the best..Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion. And thanks once more for “Letting Me Win” LOL


    1. Yes, I so agree with you Jake. Now a days for the sake of not hurting a child’s self esteem, they let everyone win. It only hurts them. Truth is, I want for my book to be read by many even if it means having to give some away. So you just happen to be the only one who answered and well, your honesty moved me and I thought, one good turn deserves another! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it…and that was A LOT!


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