I came to the USA,
33 years ago
Although I love my country of birth,
the place of my ancestors,
is still in my heart…
BUT I’ve lived in this great land,
for most of my life.
As a girl I ran on the sand
of her finest beaches.

Panama City Beach

I grew up eating
Georgia’s delectable peaches. 
I’ve seen the sunrise in the east,
to watch it descend
in the far west. 
My eyes have seen a feast,
but the sun setting where I live,
is always the finest,the absolute best.
All of my blessings
have been given to me here,
in this wonderful place.
Where God has given me favor,
and showed me His face.
I never give acknowledgement once a year.
For all that I have,
a life rich with flavor.
I look into the eyes of my loved ones…
daily I see,
daily I hear,
daily I know,
and daily I am aware of whom I’m indebted to.
Because I am rich without measure,
I look all around,
in my home, so MUCH treasure!
I appreciate you God,
for bringing me here,
I say it to you today and through out the rest of the year!!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of my family,friends and readers!

Eva Santiago copyright 2009

Fall in the Desert


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