What happened to the time when a young man and a young woman could have a nice conversation without feeling as if they had to have feelings between them? We live in times where the media is constantly bombarding our children and us with sexual images and it’s gotten to the point where young people are almost paranoid to be friends with the opposite sex.


The school system hasn’t helped out our young people either. Since grade school children get “educated” regarding sexual relations; and might I add, not always between male and female. So it’s no wonder that by the time kids get to high school, a lot of them are sexualized before their time. But the schools aren’t the only ones to blame; too many parents let their young children watch age inappropriate movies and TV shows without a care in the world. They let Hollywood educate their children in all things including sex.

Young men and women: Please understand that not everyone’s after you. Every person you meet doesn’t want to go to bed with you. Everyone does not  have ulterior motives to manipulate  you into a relationship. Young men and women: The word FRIEND means someone to talk to. Next time remember that before you go and over analyze;  in doing so, you end up showing us how conceited you are and how big your ego is. Platonic friendships between males and females DO exist.

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