365 Snap Shots of Life:Day 100

Today is the 100th day of 2012. That means that you who made New Year’s resolutions have 265 more days to either stick to your resolutions or abandon them already because you know by now, it’s not happening 🙂

I am happy to report to you that we have a good future to look forward to in this country. Why am I so sure? How can this Eva person be so certain? My answer comes from a report presented to me today by my oldest daughter who is in her last year of home schooling. Her assignment was to research the 5 candidates who are currently running for the republican party nomination. She did a thorough job too.

Folks, I want to inform you that many of America’s young people are more awake and in tune with the current state of affairs of our country than the average adult. No, they are not naïve because of their youth. They are more fed up about what’s going on than most grown ups. These future leaders of America can’t be bought and I am proud to say I had a hand in molding 4 young minds and preparing them to be citizens in good standing.

The Bible says that like arrows in the hand of a warrior are children born when one is young and that to have your quiver full of them is double the blessing Psalms 127:4-5. Why does the Bible refer to a quiver full of children? Because children are as arrows that need to be guided in the right direction. They need to be pointed at the right target. They need direction and a target. Those of us who took the educating of our kids into out own hands KNOW for a fact that America still has a fighting chance because we are training the future leaders of this country. To all of my fellow home schooling parents out there, I salute you because our hard work is already paying off!


A girl at school was just kicked off the soccer team because another class mate complained to the school officials that said girl would not be friends with her. Now the school officials are accusing the swimmer for being a bully. Who is the real bully here?

I just recently was kicked out of a church. Yes, you are reading correctly! My family and I are not allowed to come back to a certain church because I refused the pastoral counseling being offered to me. That was the main reason for our having been banned from this church. The other reasons are of no lesser significance: I was also told that the pastor did not like some of my views on this blog. Hello! The 1st Amendment guaranteeing my rights to freedom of speech were infringed upon. Lastly I was  told by this same man that my husband and I had to meet up with some key people he had already designated for us because we needed to learn from these people how to be “Godly parents”. Apparently this pastor is under the impression, that after  raising 4 great kids together for the past 22 years that we’ve been married, we haven’t a clue as to what we’re doing. 

Folks, when your kids were younger did you ever try to pick out their friends for them? That’s crazy right? So how can a school and a pastor even think that they have any say in whom a child or two adults choose to associate with? It’s a MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD and that madness has creeped into some churches.

Perhaps the best thing this pastor did by banning us from attending his church was to spare us any further hurt by him. Now THAT’S a silver lining on my cloud!

Bullies Are Everywhere..Including Places Like God’s House

Bullies Are Everywhere..Including Places Like God’s House

I have been home schooling my kids for quite some time now and we are used to the bullying we’ve encountered from other people. After while you just grow thick skin and you don’t let the snide remarks and nasty comments uttered by bullies get to us. Ignorance regarding home schooling prevails in the play ground, at the library, in the dance studio and whatever other places kids go to meet up with kids. You wouldn’t expect to find bullies in God‘s house now would you?

That’s the question that has arisen here at home. We’ve recently begun attending a very nice church and my kids are more grieved now, than they were when they were being bullied by some ignorant neighborhood kids. What’s sad is that the bullying doesn’t appear to be as nasty as what my kids were getting back in our old neighborhood. In church, the kids do it with a smile on their faces and it’s all in good fun right? 


BULL”Y, n. A noisy, blustering overbearing fellow, more distinguished for insolence and empty menaces, than for courage, and disposed to provoke quarrels.

BULL”Y, v.t. To insult and overbear with noise and blustering menaces

I have cause for concern when my 10 year old tells me that someone 17 years old teases her incessantly about her being home schooled. She doesn’t make any jokes about this boy going to public school because she’s too scared to say anything back to him. So please think about the next time you want to say something “cute” and joky- joky to someone else. Are you making them the butt end of the joke? Do you do it to feel better about yourself?  When you belittle someone, you’re showing the rest of the world how little you really are.

To Young People Everywhere

To Young People Everywhere

What happened to the time when a young man and a young woman could have a nice conversation without feeling as if they had to have feelings between them? We live in times where the media is constantly bombarding our children and us with sexual images and it’s gotten to the point where young people are almost paranoid to be friends with the opposite sex.


The school system hasn’t helped out our young people either. Since grade school children get “educated” regarding sexual relations; and might I add, not always between male and female. So it’s no wonder that by the time kids get to high school, a lot of them are sexualized before their time. But the schools aren’t the only ones to blame; too many parents let their young children watch age inappropriate movies and TV shows without a care in the world. They let Hollywood educate their children in all things including sex.

Young men and women: Please understand that not everyone’s after you. Every person you meet doesn’t want to go to bed with you. Everyone does not  have ulterior motives to manipulate  you into a relationship. Young men and women: The word FRIEND means someone to talk to. Next time remember that before you go and over analyze;  in doing so, you end up showing us how conceited you are and how big your ego is. Platonic friendships between males and females DO exist.