A world obscene

Is this what they get from us?

Where wrong is right

And right is wrong

Ever since the lines got blurred

And our cosmic speech became slurred

A world obscene

Is that what we’re leaving them?

Can we fix it?

Do we dare try?

Do we even want to?

Or are we too busy passing the collection plate

Hoping against hope

Religion wins their precious souls

We must step up!

Own what we’ve done

Let’s begin by admitting we didn’t care

As much as we were supposed to

Let’s create for them a new scene

I beg of you

Let’s not leave them a world undone

Let’s not leave them a world obscene.

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2015


Hello Dear Followers! I have been a way for sometime due to one big reason: My daughter was pregnant and about to give birth to my first grand child. Meet Clara Isabel Brincat. She was a PLANNED unassisted home birth that took place on June 17,2014 at 3:55pm. Both mama and baby are doing GREAT during their baby moon and I am still elated to have become a grandma 🙂 In the next few days I will share with you some of my thoughts on having assisted my daughter in bringing this precious life into the world. I tell you once you have delivered a baby, you never see life the same again!!!!
EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2014

lil clara


I care less about things that used to bog me down
I didn’t say I don’t care
For that is a lie
When we tell ourselves we don’t care
Our brains wired for positivity only hear
So I choose to CARE LESS
I care less about my ex
Who was never a day in his life careful with me
I care less
Of what people think of me, my family or my work
I care less about careless people
I care less about tomorrow
Because I choose to be present NOW
I care less about the past
Because it no longer has a hold on me
I care less about
Trivial, mundane bullshit
I care less about gossip
Who really cares about the Hollywood starlets
And their privileged, boring lives they lead
Certainly not I!

Eva Santiago copyright 2014

Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

So I stayed with you to appease the beast
I had no lab formula
To tame that Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
That you for so long tried to hide
Apparently my love was not the antidote
It’s now oh so clear that there’s no cure
For that sad pathetic beast that you are
You did great
Fooling me for all of those years
With all of your masks
Every time one mask fell
You’d run to put it back in
And I’d sweat it out a little
I was afraid to see the real person
Because let’s face it
You’ve always lived the life of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
I’d sleep next to a monster
Never really resting
Always with one eye opened
Certainly my heart mind or body
Never felt truly protected
Oh how my heart knew
Oh how my mind chose to ignore
Because I knew what lay in store
I too was in major denial
I told myself my love was enough
Until You took it all and still asked me for more
“ Well At least I didn’t destroy you,” said the beast
“ And who would want you?” Was one of your best lies
But now I know
Though you tried to shame me for so long
I am not ashamed
For you see as your beast bullied me
I grew stronger
As your beast raped me of my dignity
I found my self-confidence and security
As your beast starved me
I fed myself from the tree of life
As your beast circled about me waiting for my dead carcass
Help from the Ravens came and they fed me in the desert
That desert you abandoned and held me captive in
As you refused to water me
I learned from the desert plants
To store up water for the long drought
As you demolished my heart with your battering ram
It broke
Only to propagate itself
And now it’s one hundred times the size of the heart you first broke
So I thank that beast
Am I insane
The beast inside you
Made me the best I have ever been.
I bid thee well beast
I hope you get better
Just remember this:
You can’t touch a true heart
You can’t have what was not given you
What you took by force
You can not keep a free spirit in a cage
You can’t destroy what is full of life
I am that rose that grew in the concrete
Yeah that’s right, that stony heart of yours
Gave birth to this fragrant, amazing rose
I chose to live
You choose to die
So long beast!

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2014




Who cares about applause. Why care about what people think of my thoughts. I don’t write them to pass their approval. I didn’t write this to get their thumbs up. I didn’t write this to get people to nod their heads in agreement. Whatever you think,whether you like it or not,I’ll always keep laying out my thoughts and putting them in full view for the whole world to see. For heaven to know I worked hard at relaying their message. And when hell hears my words,the darkness is pushed way back and their tormenting shrills hushed.


Shut up?! Not now! Not ever. As a child they shut me up but for a very short season. For my mind,though it was young,knew what it wanted to say.  It wasn’t the time yet.When I was a child I spoke as a child. Now the time has come to boldly declare what would have been deemed inappropriate because after all,I was  a young Latina. That was the strike held against me.


Alas, that was then, this is now. The old is done and the new is in. So yeah, this voice will not be drowned. It will continue long after  I’m gone because my children and their children’s children will hear it and know this warrior fought and prayed for them;even before they came into existence. Before they were even an inkling of a thought in anyone’s mind.

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013applause