She saw him in her dream.
Emilio was there
Looking just like in times gone by.
The same boyish face-
That once made her heart trip;
looked at her in a desolate stare.
Her heart’s door- he closed recently.
His heart’s door – closed long ago when Sofia left.
She followed him just like old times.
He never stopped.
She pursued.
He deflected.
Sofia prayed.
Emilio ran.
She called.
He never answered.
Sofia hope against all hope for them both.
Emilio’s well of hope dried out long ago.
He only tried to survive his own hell.
She wept.
He had no tears.
She wept for them both.
She changed as did he.
Change is good,
It helped them both move on.

Now when she dreams of him she smiles-to have known him only for the blink of an eye was knowing him for a life time. No one could take that away from her-not even that old devil itself called time.

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012


365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 78

Happy Sunday everyone! This is a picture I took when I visited  Rodeo Drive for the first time back in January. It’s funny how Hollywood can make something out of nothing. In reality Rodeo Drive is just another street on the map of the world. I took this shot to prove my point. If I hadn’t told you where this is, you would have thought, so what? This is just another street scene God only knows where. I left out anything that might give the street away on purpose to prove my point. Riding down Rodeo Drive with my whole family in tow in our SUV, along with other tourist who were doing the same thing, made this just another address.

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 22

Please refer back to my earlier posts and read what this challenge is about so that the later posts make sense :)

Day 22 Question #22: If you could choose only one famous quote that you would want your children to always remember, which one would it be?

Answer: This answer comes from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet: “Above all: To thine own self be true.” That is such an important and profound quote. We live in an age where our children are bombarded by the media to be everything else but who they really are. Children are sent to public school to learn to conform and fit the mold in order to further an elitist agenda that disregards the unique, amazing individuals that God created.

Just think for a moment, if God wanted us all to be cookie cutter forms of one another why did He create such a diverse human race? Clearly God celebrates individuality while we live in a society that tries to get everyone to fit in the box of conformity. Our young men and women watch TV shows Like CELEBRITY LOOK ALIKE where they pick someone to get a head to toe  makeover so they can look  like one of the famous Hollywood celebrities. Personally, I have always liked how I look and I’m not at all interested in looking like anyone else.  Let’s turn that idea around and have a celebrity do a make over show where they look like the “Average Joe” or “Ms. Plain Jane” I guess that much reality would cause their precious  TV ratings to plummet.

To thine own self be true: Thank you Mr. Shakespeare for having penned your words for a generation of people who are willing to sell out just so they can fit in with the crowd. It takes great courage to be yourself in a culture where uniqueness tends to be scorned. That’s one quote my kids have heard for quite some time and I hope they embrace it through out their lives.

To Young People Everywhere

To Young People Everywhere

What happened to the time when a young man and a young woman could have a nice conversation without feeling as if they had to have feelings between them? We live in times where the media is constantly bombarding our children and us with sexual images and it’s gotten to the point where young people are almost paranoid to be friends with the opposite sex.


The school system hasn’t helped out our young people either. Since grade school children get “educated” regarding sexual relations; and might I add, not always between male and female. So it’s no wonder that by the time kids get to high school, a lot of them are sexualized before their time. But the schools aren’t the only ones to blame; too many parents let their young children watch age inappropriate movies and TV shows without a care in the world. They let Hollywood educate their children in all things including sex.

Young men and women: Please understand that not everyone’s after you. Every person you meet doesn’t want to go to bed with you. Everyone does not  have ulterior motives to manipulate  you into a relationship. Young men and women: The word FRIEND means someone to talk to. Next time remember that before you go and over analyze;  in doing so, you end up showing us how conceited you are and how big your ego is. Platonic friendships between males and females DO exist.