Show ‘Em the Door!

Some one thinks you’re not worth loving?
Don’t waste your tears
‘fore you’re feet hit the floor
And you ponder their poisonous daggers
Show ‘em the door, show ‘em the door

Some one treats you like dirt caked on their boots?
Don’t think about it
Don’t let their actions choke you
One, two, three, four
Show ‘em the door , show ‘em the door

Some one thinks less of you?
Than you think of yourself
Don’t think ‘bout it no more
Cuz see, they are really poor
Show ‘em the door, show ‘em the door.

We put up with way too much
We put up with things God never intended us to
We give others permission to mistreat us
So don’t stay there like before
Show ‘em the door, show ‘em the door

Belittle and it shows others YOUR little
Cut another down to size
Just like a carver with a knife whittles
Do that to a heart to suit yourself
And you’ll be the one played like a fiddle

Some one says you can be replaced?
Like a button
Like a light bulb
Like a kidney or a heart
Then one day YOU’LL be the one who’ll have to go
You’ll be the one who’s been displace.

So be careful when you say that
Forever Be forewarned:
Treating others carelessly and with contempt
Will leave you empty, displaced and poor
And you’ll only wish you could once more knock on their door.

Eva Santiago copyright 2013



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