365 Snap Shots if life: Day 236

The River Colored Red

The sound of mighty rushing waters,

elevates the soul,

to another dimension,

a higher plateau.



Walking, step by step on this daily journey,

taking in the beauty

of what Your hands created,

fashioned, designed, orchestrated…




An eternity ago?


With You a thousand years is like a day.

Maybe You put it there for our simple pleasure.



You are mighty in your power,

magnificently majestic.

Only You know the intricate details of,

the sum of all of our thoughts at this very hour.



Those who deny your existence,

who boldly mock your presence;

all they need to do,

is open up their blinded eyes.



Yes, tune in and hear the sounds,

of mighty rushing waters,

cascading, rushing, making way,

bringing healing to the sickly souls.



There is a river,

saw it just the other day;

its flow will never be controlled,

through mere human ingenuity.



For it contains the water of life-

divine intervention.

Sent from up above to purify, banish our defilement.

Open up your heart! Let the river flow!



That amazing Colorado River

runs through the arid desert.

Appropriately named Red,

for its twofold significance.

They dually co-exist:

In the natural, one nourishes the desert dwellers.

Providing them with life’s necessities,

making life bearable amidst a barren land.


Its counterpart—the River of Life

“Living Waters”

Colored Red:

Crimson drops of divine blood.

Open up your dammed-up heart;

get carried away in the torrent!

Be immersed, inundated!

His love: never-ending, everlasting flow!

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012

This is another edited poem that didn’t make it into my new book due out soon, SALSA! THE TASTE OF LIFE.

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