2012 Olympic Games On!

The Olympics are under way and I wanted to share some fun pics today. London, you did a great job on staging a show of such magnitude! BRAVO! Let’s not forget that the games are mainly about PEOPLE and not just lights, cameras, action! These are real people out there whom I’m sure have sacrificed a great deal to land a spot on any country’s team. On that reason alone, they all deserve much respect. I’d love to hear each person’s story of the countless amount of blood, sweat and tears that were shed on the road to these 2012 games.

Let’s not forget the people who volunteered to make this ceremony a success. It takes a great love of your country to give so much of your own personal time to stage such an event. THESE are the real heroes in my book. So to the people of London who made it all happen: KUDOS!! Don’t listen to any of the critical reviews or bad press, you all did a SUPERB job!

Go team USA!!!

-Eva Santiago copyright 2012


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