365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 209


Ready for another pre-taste of Salsa! the Taste of Life? It’s my new book going live soon! 🙂 Well here, have a taste!! I wish you a grand week-end and may you stop for a minute and take in a sunset 🙂


Am I a Baby or Just a Bump?

Mama, Mama, what am I?

Am I a baby,

or just an ugly bump?



Some people say I am a baby;

others say I’m just some tired bump.


Since when does a human life

get reduced to a bump?



Every day, I grow inside here. Yet people forget,  because I am little and still being knitted and formed, that I have  feelings. I am reduced to no more  than a bump.



When God looks at me, does he see a person,

or am I just another lump of clay in His hands?



When Eve, the mother of all the living, conceived her first child,

was she so figure-conscious as to refer to the life inside her as

just a bump?



For centuries women regarded the miracle that life is

as something holy and inspiring.

What have we come to now,

that we depreciate and devalue,

and reduce it to nine months

of carrying an unsightly bump?



Roe vs. Wade-

Gave women the freedom to kill their own babies.

No wonder now young girls,

think nothing of discarding the bump,

into an old garbage dump.



The opinion of the day is for women,

of all races, ages, and sizes

to deal with the bump!

Get rid of it through c-section surgery;

as fast as you can.

Go back to the gym;

hurry up now, get back to that size two

as fast as you can!

Don’t nourish your baby; don’t give her your best,

because after all, it’s just an unsightly bump!


Let’s save the whales, they say!

Let’s save the buffalo!

Let’s throw away human life,

because after all, it’s just an insignificant bump!



We were all fashioned and created by someone way bigger.

We bear the image and face of almighty God.

Now what did you come from?

A human being made in His image,

or just an unsightly bump?

A heavenly place next to His throne?

Or an obscure garbage dump?


Would you throw God into a dumpster?

-Eva Santiago Copyright 2012


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