From Classmate to Friend in an Instant

Have you ever wondered how some one you met in high school because you happened to share a class together 25 years ago, can within an instant become a true friend? I met Tammy in my senior year and we had Yearbook class together. I was aware of her and vice-versa. The teen years are a time of  self involvement, I have 3 teens and I see this first hand everyday. I knew Tammy was a nice girl back then. She played soccer and she was the athletic type. Beyond that, I couldn’t tell you anything else because we never hung out.

When I signed up for a Facebook account, I friended Tammy because she was my classmate and we hadn’t talked much since then. Now that my book, Salsa! The Taste of Life is in the publishing process, I contacted Tammy because she is a writer and I needed her to review my book. Do you know how difficult it is to get someone to write a few simple lines about your book? It is TOUGH! I asked Tammy and she said yes right away.Today I received her review and I was blown away by her personal comments. By the way, I can’t wait for you to read the review that will be on the book’s back cover:)

We spoke again on the phone this afternoon and I realized I had just made a life long friend. Tammy and I chatted as if we had never stopped being in that Yearbook class together. I am always amazed at how the most unexpected people can come through for you when you really need them to; and opposite of that is when you count on others that you really trust will be there and they just aren’t.

Tammy, this post is for you! I look forward to reciprocating the same time and effort when it’s time for your book to be published. What a truly great friend you are! 🙂

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