365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 123


I believe in the power of prayer. Do you? I have been praying over the years, for my uncle in whose home I grew up in. Praying for him lead me to forgive him for having failed me like he did during the years when I lived with him. Praying for him helped me see him as 100% human, thereby helping me see him as flawed and frail as me. Praying for him changed me and all I have left of him now are the few good memories of those years.  A few years back I found out he had prostate cancer. Well, I kept praying for his healing and even though I never heard any news of him, I persisted in praying for him. Today I was talking to a good friend of mine and she told me she had recently heard that he was now a religious fanatic. Well at first I chuckled and then I remembered that when I found faith in Christ and started walking my faith journey,  people said the same thing about me.. So I realized that my uncle has found faith in God and that my many years of praying for him DID indeed pay off!

If you have been praying for someone or some thing, NEVER stop. I tell you the truth, God DOES answer prayer and the petitions of the righteous avail MUCH!

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