365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 95

Today started out quite disappointing but along the way I managed to pull myself up by my bootstraps…with a little help of course!  First I was disappointed about something I was really looking forward to doing soon but it’s on hold for now. Then later on in the day I found out some disappointing news. I had enough of it and I decided to take a long nap. Then my daughter invites me out for a late lunch early dinner which I guess you could call it “brinner” 🙂

Sometimes God wants to bless you through your kids and I say let them! Don’t be proud, humble yourself and receive their blessing, they’re just trying to give back a little of what you gave them.

Walking home from the Mexican restaurant we ate at, my daughter asks me,” What is honorable these days mom?” I want to share a list of things I believe are honorable and if you come up with some of your own, good for you!


1. Working your problems out with a difficult spouse so your children can see that there are adults who care enough to work things out. This also shows them marriage is no picnic at times.

2. Honoring your dreams by pursuing them.

3. Telling the truth even if you risk losing someone.

4.Telling your kids the truth instead of always acting like everything is fine and trying to protect them. Your kids see right through you anyways and they know you’re only protecting yourself. Also, no one was ever hurt from knowing too much truth; it’s the lies that do the most damage.

5. Telling some one you love them even if they don’t reciprocate it.

6. Being able to love that person who hurt and traumatized you.

7. Forgiving yourself fully.

8. Embracing yourself with all of your quirks.

9. Not running away from life.

10. After a relationship dies, still having hope that you will find love again.

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