I wanted to share this post because it helped me and I know it’ll help some one else out!

Beyond Christian Platitudes

 Okay, so I have been thinking. I know shocking right? This journey of mine has brought clarity to some areas while grey to others. And this day I thought hard about relationships. It hit deep and I was struck with the conflict and tears that it brought….I will share some of the clarity and some of the grey reminding you this is my journey and you may think and feel differently.

The past two years I have been sifting through relationships of the present and relationships of the past and identifying which were real or life giving and which ones were simply not relational at all…manipulative maybe, codependent maybe…but not loving. I am not downing all my friends and family, not at all. I am just sorting out what is based on truth and love and what is based on selfishness and worldliness. My resources are minimal and I am…

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