365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 17

January 17,2012

Sweet Spirit

Here is the horse I drew for Esther. At first her request intimidated me but I decided to try it. I found an image of a horse she liked online and I copied it. As I sat down to sketch out the horse, I kept running into some difficulty. Then I remember that I learned how to draw upside down when I was in the 8th grade. Mr. Atkins, my art instructor saw that some of us were having a hard time, so he suggested that we all turn the picture of the subject we were drawing upside down; in this way the left side of your brain won’t get in the way of what the right side is doing. I implemented it to draw this horse and I was glad I did. That night when her dad came home, Esther told him how I had drawn the horse up side down and he laughed in amazement. It’s mind blowing what we can remember from the past. I framed it  andnow it hangs in her bedroom.

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