365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 16

January 16,2012

Dare to Look for the Sacred in the Ordinary

I spent a week a couple of summers ago, with a childhood friend. She would go to work while I’d relax in her cozy condo. One morning I took my cup of tea to her outside porch. She lived in a heavily wooded place which I welcomed because where I live there aren’t any woods, just miles upon miles of tumbleweeds and cactus. That morning I dusted off her rattan furniture, I could tell she hadn’t been out there in a while. I settled into a comfy chair and as I took in the serene scenery, I happened to look down from her 2nd story condo. This is what I saw and it delighted me. I thought, gee, I wonder if my girl friend is aware of this pretty little oasis practically right under her feet? So I photographed it because I wanted to capture the feeling of peace that it brought me as I sat in my spot for the next few mornings. Sometimes you DO have to slow down enough to see the extraordinary in what seems ordinary.

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