The Misfits Club

Huh?! Go to college??

What for?!

So they can teach me what to think

So they can indoctrinate me

So they can kill my dreams

So they can tell me how much my ideas stink


We’re the misfits club!

The ones wild enough to believe in our dreams

We’re the misfits club!

Everyone laughed at us when we were in school

They said,” You don’t fit. You look like a fool!”

“You’re absurd!”

“You’re so uncool!”

“Stay the hell out of our cool club.”

Read the sign: DO NOT DISTURB!


We’re the misfits club!

The lunatics,free thinkers and artists

The misfits-

Us they DID dub

We’re the misfits club

We reach for the stars

While everyone kills for the status quo

We dream the impossible

When everyone says it’s all been done

When everyone says everything’s been thought of

Our minds, a bottomless ocean

Our minds as vast as cyber space

We’re the ones setting it all in motion

We’re the ones laughing in their face


We’re the misfits club!

We’re the modern day Josephs

Dreaming our dreams in 3-D and technicolor

We’re the modern day Esthers

Not gonna stay silent

While our people are led to the slaughter

We’re the modern day Davids

While Goliath bullys  our people

With our swords in our slingshots

We slay him with one shot to his temple

We’re the modern day Gideons

Little in number,yet mighty

We’re the modern day healers

While they kill the masses with their prescription drugs

We turn to the earth

And heal our bodies with what nature gave us

We’re the modern day Ezekiels

He saw a pile of bones in a valley

One word from his mouth and they all came alive

One word from our mouth: Brings down the darkness

One word from our mouths: Our children come alive


We’re the misfits club

The lunatics, free thinkers and artists

One drop of paint on a canvas

Brings heaven to earth

One drop of paint on a canvas

Puts an end to the spiritual dearth.

We’re the misfits club….takes one to know one!

Eva Santiago copyright 2013






The other day I was doing some school work with Esther and we discussed what prose is. She said she didn’t understand the word at all so we looked it up.
Prose- A prose work that has poetic characteristics such as vivid imagery and concentrated expression.
She still drew a blank . So I told her my definition; word pictures or observations. She smiled and said she preferred my definition because it made sense.
So I offer you a word picture today!

Random Acts of Kindness
Have you ever walked by a card shop and thought, ‘ Hmmm I’d like to get that card for my sister .’ You stop and think about it;mulling it over in your brain and then you dismiss that thought and move on? What if that card was what your sister needed to get her through her day? We all do it. We have an inkling of a thought to do a spontaneous act of kindness for someone and then poof, quick as a flash we dismiss it and we pass up on the chance to have made someone’s life better.

Next time that happens think about this: What if when God was considering sending us His Son to save us, He just dismissed it and went on about His business? After all, He is a busy God! But He followed through and did what He purposed in His heart to do from the very start!

When I finished my book, Salsa! The Taste of Life, my new book soon to be released; I wondered just who I could dedicate it to. My first book, As Clear as Claire Gets, A Conversation with the Past, I dedicated to one of my nephews. His graduation from high school was around the time of my book release so I thought, ‘ What a fine present for a young man who has everything!’ Now, I tried to talk myself out of it at first. I reasoned I didn’t really know him and I came up with other excuses and then I decided to go with my gut instinct and do what I had purposed in my heart from the start. I’m so glad I did because I’ll never forget the look on that young man’s face when I presented him with a copy of my book at his graduation. It was priceless!

Last night something wonderful happened. My daughter Raxy’s bestfriend came over for a sleep over. I had dedicated Salsa! to her and when I told her, last month, on her birthday, that the dedication was my present, that little girl was ecstatic about having her name in my book. Yesterday,when her mom dropped her off, she stopped in for a bit and I showed her my proof copy of Salsa! . When she saw her daughter’s name in the dedication section of the book, she was overcome with emotion and we hugged. I tell you, I live for moments like these.

Don’t wait for a special moment. Do a random act of kindness for someone and see how it lights up their world. The old adage is true: It is better to give than to receive. When you have an inkling to do something for someone, do so. Those in the unseen realm see what you do here in this life and they are pleased.

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012


SALSA! The Taste of Life

I was checking the mail today and just guess what I received?  The proof copy for my new book came  to my door! I am speechless and elated and I had to share with you how the book will look. The process is nearing completion folks. I have 30 days to run through my book with a fine tooth comb and weed out any more typos. So far so good; my girls volunteered to lend me their eyes and so we have 4 pairs of eyes looking through it. Do you think we’ll miss anything? I hope not 🙂 Thankfully they all love to read! Oh yes, the ones I still home school will receive school credit for having helped and of course a big hug, kiss and many thanks for their time goes to Elena, Esther and Raxy!!!






365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 206

Well today was a great day! I found out from my editor, Amber Losson that I will be able to put more pictures in my new book due out soon; SALSA! THE TASTE OF LIFE. You see, I also like to paint and I was going to include some of my art work already.  I can have more of my art work married to my poems and stories in the  new book I am so excited about. I can’t stop ranting about it. And I can’t wait to share it with the world! Enjoy today’s post, it’s also another one of my edited poems from my book. I Love it when a plan comes together; and what I love more, is when a dream becomes reality!

Heart Song


So we meet again,

and I see that love,

True love, the deep achy kind

is never for naught.

To love another human being

is truly divine

Whether the beloved

Accepts it or not…

Or if it’s something you fought.


Ignoring it

does not degrade or demean;

Love is pure gold.

It never loses its value.

Instead, the more you love,

its market value soars.

So if I tell you, “Te quiero,”

and you run off

scared and bewildered,

is that my fault?

I used to think so,

and now I’m convinced otherwise.



I gave you some gold from my vault

and gave it freely.

With no strings attached?

Sure. No frills, really!

You couldn’t handle my freedom

And do you know why?

Because what I’ve always given

Is something you’ve never, ever had.



Love must be chosen;

It can never be forced,

for once it’s coerced,

it ceases being love.

Love is a dove

Perched high up above.

Once you hunt it,

trap it, and cage it,

you kill its sweet song



So here I am again,

Offering you what I did

all those many years ago,

and you still do as before.

Stand still as if paralyzed

by the warmth of my fuego,

No seas tonto niño

Esto no es un juego…

Games are for children!



So I’ve decided to be still,

give you all the space,

hide my radiant face

from you…

‘til you wake up

and come to your senses

and answer the call.




Otherwise if I manipulate

guilt and coerce,

what I’ve always felt

will lose purity and intensity

and then I’ll be left

with something far lesser,

cheap and of no value;

Fool’s gold.



All that glitters is not gold.

My love for you

doesn’t just glitter;

it sparkles and shines.

It lights up my days

and gives me warmth

on the cold, coldest of nights.

If this wasn’t real,

it would have

by now vanished…



But to prove it to you

as if I need to at all,

the love in my heart

that only keeps growing

one day at a time

will always keep glowing…

whether you like it or not!

Love endures, love never ends.



If this was selfish,

I would have done all I could

in my feeble power and strength

to cause the bending of our wills.



But true love is beyond all

that useless struggle and striving.

For you see:

To truly love someone

is to be more concerned

with the state of their soul,

instead of being impressed

by their fancy outward

display of their flesh.



When love is true,

all self-centered motives go out the door.

And you see the object of your affection

just as you see yourself;

Cold, needy, and poor.



Take all your time…

Ha! Been feeling like this

for so very long

that it’s now turned

from letters on a page

to my heart’s song.

Don’t misunderstand;

this friendship of ours,

it’s quite grand.

I will never let you go.



I am not looking for answers,

not even your look of approval,

much less your acceptance.

Those, I already have.


Just wanted you to know,

I’m no longer touch and go.

Will you allow me to write

on the pages of your heart

things never written before?

Or will you hold me at arm’s length?


Rejection has taught me

A valuable lesson:

Things aren’t always what they seem.

It’s never about me,

in the language of love…

It’s usually about others.

That’s how I’ve learned

of contentment

with very, very little.



The seeds we have sown,

Where have they all gone?

Fiddle dee-dee sang the fiddle…

Now after many long winters,

watch ‘em sprouting.

We were never doubting,

always knowing

we would see the light of day!

-Eva Santiago Copyright 2012

365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 203

Happy Saturday everyone! I  hope you are enjoying my latest posts; edited parts of my new book, Salsa! The Taste of Life. These never made it into my book because it would have been too big a volume and as I learned, the bigger the book, the harder it is to market. So I had to weed out some things and this was one I hope you enjoy as much as I did, when I penned it. Hug a loved one today and let them know how special they are to you 🙂


Cat Walk


Palm trees are fashion models who stand tall,

poised, and wide awake.

Ready to wave their bandanas in the air

as they greet the dawn.



All throughout the day,

holding their perfect posture,

models on a cat walk,

awaiting their cue to take the run way.



As they strut their stuff—

Wave your hands up in the air!

They seem to beckon.

Kick up your feet and enjoy your day!



Toward dusk they are still

as the breezes die down

and the day is wrapping up.



Having done their job well,

they come out and take a bow.

As the lights go out…the show is over.



They exit the runway,

their arms still a-swaying.

They’ll be back tomorrow at first light

for an encore presentation.

-Eva Santiago copyright 2012

365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 172

I was just telling Esther that God doesn’t ask us to do the impossible like wake up every morning and run the universe. “ Ok, kids, today you will align the planets, make the firmament firm and run things for me. Good luck guys!” No, His ways are so simple: “ Today kids, I want you to TRUST ME and be content and thankful no matter what your circumstances look like. Think you can do that?” No, we are more interested in helping Him run things. Bleh :/ He gives us the easiest job and we botch it up by trying to do it all ourselves. Man are we dumb!!!  HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER and longest day of 2012!


365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 153

Have you ever made a mountain out of a mole hill? Yeah right! Like I’m the only one who goes there ? 😉 Today I spent a couple of hours working on my edits with my daughter Esther.  I’m  including her writing in my new book due out soon; SALSA! The Taste of Life.  She writes beautifully and I wanted to share her talent with the world. So we make a great team because even though I posses pretty good computer skills, she’s quicker with it. She can copy and paste at tremendous speed while my slow fingers go click-click; when Esther types, you don’t even hear the click because she’s quicker than lightning. Ok, I’ve stopped chuckling already.

When I first received my manuscript I was a bit overwhelmed. Even though the revisions are minor , it’ll still take time and I do have to meet my dead line of June 15. As I work on it I realize the best thing to do is work on it one chunk at a time and it’ll be done. I just finished 2 hours on edits and I can tell you I’ve done more than I thought! So I decided to take a break and tell you all about it 🙂

So next time you have a seemingly insurmountable  task at hand just think: Take it chunk by chunk; throw out all that useless worrying ’cause it’s really old,   junk! Remember too, mountains are not climbed in one huge step; climbers get up there step by little, careful step. I hope this helps some one..just know I enjoyed writing it for you! Chao for now 🙂






365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 132

I lost my mother when I was 2 months old and I have missed her for 42 years. There are times when I just wish she was around/ For instance when I’m having a bad menstrual cycle I say,” These are the times when a grown woman needs her mother.” Seriously though, I still ache for her and I’m posting this poem I wrote to honor her on Mother’s Day. This is an excerpt from my new book, Salsa! The Taste of Life, which is in the publishing process now. ” Feliz dia de las madres !” to all of my Spanish-speaking readers and “Happy Mother’s Day!! ” To all the moms who read me!


You Are With Me

I thought for sure
I’d never get to know you,
all my fears concerning you-
have long since vanished.
As I change my point of view.


I see you in the eyes of my Elena.
I hear you in Esther’s girlish giggles.
I sense you in Joseph’s thoughtfulness.
Your love reaches out to touch me,
through Raquel’s gentleness.


That I never had you,
is losing its importance.
For you’ve been here beside me all along.


When Esther hugs me,
I feel your tenderness.
Through Joseph’s eyes,
you reveal yourself to me.


In my girl’s beauty and poise,
I learn of your loving kindness.
When they twirl effortlessly,
I sense your free-spirited ways.


Raquel, well you know, she bears your name;
She helped me feel you once more
When you came to help me have her
You gave birth to me again.

Eva Santiago © 2012


365 Snap Shots of Life” Day 89

The Sacred Hides in the Ordinary

Have you ever ordered something from Ebay and when you received it you were disappointed because the item you purchased was smaller than the picture on the ad showed? That happened to me this morning when I received my Feng Shui wind chime. So I hung it up on the patio and it’s so small, the backyard swallows it up. Then I set out to find the positive in the negative as I normally do. I reminded myself I like small, dainty things and that helped. Then I thought about returning it and it wasn’t worth the hassle. I decided to keep it.

Just now Esther, my second daughter came home from having gone to lunch with her youngest sister. She was so excited because she brought home a butter fly. I looked at it as it sat contentedly on her index finger. Esther thinks it’s injured, I think it likes her. Then I remembered the little wind chime I hung this morning. We have to have eyes that see and ears that hear what isn’t obvious. My small mini wind chime , that tiny butterfly reminds me that the most precious things in life aren’t usually perfect. We have to be awake enough to appreciate those serendipity moments that come to us in our every day lives. Esther’s butterfly felt   enough at ease  with her positive energy to come light on her finger. Is it injured, as my daughter perceives,or  perhaps it didn’t want to die alone.

In this world we live in where perfection is demanded at every step, you have to on purpose make yourself slow down enough to look past the imperfections in things and people so you won’t miss the sacred in the ordinary. After God created everything He said His creation was good, NOT perfect. Maybe He left it open to interpretation and what I get from that is that He made things good-giving them the room to  become BETTER. So next time you deal with a disappointment, challenge yourself to see the sacred in it. It’ll be hard at first but the more you practice that, YOU will become better.

365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 19

January 19,2012

For the next few days I’m posting photos of my neighborhood. This blog challenge inspires me to grab my camera and take it with me everywhere I go. Last Sunday I went for a short hike with my daughter Elena. I decided to put on my “tourist eyes” and challenged my self to look at my neighborhood as if I was on holiday, just passing through. It’s amazing how much a place can grow on you, then you take it for granted and it ceases being special anymore. During my self guided tour I found out what a rich little community I live in and I’m so glad I moved here. These images are part of  large a mural that is on the wall of the 7-Eleven convenience store…amazing right? 🙂 Challenge yourself to put on your “tourist eyes” and view your surroundings as if you’re seeing them for the very first time. You’ll be surprised!






-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012