365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 16

January 16,2012

Dare to Look for the Sacred in the Ordinary

I spent a week a couple of summers ago, with a childhood friend. She would go to work while I’d relax in her cozy condo. One morning I took my cup of tea to her outside porch. She lived in a heavily wooded place which I welcomed because where I live there aren’t any woods, just miles upon miles of tumbleweeds and cactus. That morning I dusted off her rattan furniture, I could tell she hadn’t been out there in a while. I settled into a comfy chair and as I took in the serene scenery, I happened to look down from her 2nd story condo. This is what I saw and it delighted me. I thought, gee, I wonder if my girl friend is aware of this pretty little oasis practically right under her feet? So I photographed it because I wanted to capture the feeling of peace that it brought me as I sat in my spot for the next few mornings. Sometimes you DO have to slow down enough to see the extraordinary in what seems ordinary.

365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 14

House of Ghosts

This is the house I finished growing up in. 2 summers ago I went back, not sure what I expected to find. I’m not one to take a stroll down memory lane. My husband on the other hand, is one to go back to all the old neighborhoods of his childhood every time he has taken me to his home town. I always found that a bit tedious, so when I did it, I came away with the same detached emotion. Personally, it’s better to reminisce about the past in my mind and forget about going to the actual places.Things change true enough; however there are things that remain intact and when I showed up at this house,  I felt like I did back then, nothing. I meant nothing to the people I lived with in that house, and I still am nothing to them. Hence my lack of emotion for the place.

Eva Santiago copyright 2012

January 14,2012

365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge Day:13

January 13,2012

In Your Face!

Weddings are so much fun to attend! I went to this one when I was in college; the couple in this photo are dear friends of mine who were there for me at a time when I had no one. At the end of the wedding when the bride threw the bouquet, she aimed it at me and I ducked. I sure didn’t want that experience  in my life yet. I’ve been to several weddings, this was by far the most enjoyable. Cheers to T & M!!

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012

365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 7

January 7,2012

I took this picture of my daughter in the spring. The cat she’s holding is Ladie, our family pet. Ladie  just wandered into our back yard one day and rubbed herself up against my oldest daughter. She picked her up and then Ladie never left our home again. It’s been a few years since then, and Ladie has turned out to be the best pet we ever had. We suspect that she might have been one of those pets that people are forced to abandon when they have to leave their homes in a hurry after the bank has  foreclosed on their property. Abandoned pets on foreclosed properties is a big problem here in Nevada. Ladie also could have been raised  with a dog because she behaves more like a canine. By the way, she is a Scottish Fold, hence the small ears.

Cat Eyes