The Birthday Cat

There once was a town called Mathicadoodle

it had many farms, many pigs, many poodles.

There once was a birthday cat, her name was Ladie.

She would send out gifts, even if your name was Pop or Katy.

Now on your birthday, she’d go to your door

She would say, ” Get out of bed it’s 10 after 4!.”

2 minutes later you went to get dressed,

you had a new outfit, you looked your best!


At 10:30 a.m. in Mathicadoodle,

time for your birthday lunch on a safari poodle.

On the poodle’s back there is lots of food,

you’re living your life in the happiest mood.

So after that you climb a wall of Skittles.

Why, it was 12 o’clock time for a band of fiddles!

So fiddlers played fiddles

and picklers played pickles,

the music was so GREAT!

it felt like it tickles.


The birthday cat was  ready for her 2 o’clock bath.

Katy said, ” I’m glad I’m not in school I don’t have to learn math.”

So as they dried off, they started a cheer,” I’m free to be me!

” I’m glad I’m not a deer!”


They went into the jungle of Mathicadoodle.

There were flowers that smelled like pears, peas and noodles.

On their way they saw big bopping bowers

that cut off flowers just for you.

They saw big clopping cloppers

sip sopping soppers.

The flowers are red, pink or blue

The birthday cat said, ” Let’s see what time it is.”


So they went to a farm

where there was a time telling arm.

The arm said, “It’s a hair past a freckle.”

That means it’s 5 o’clock,

time for the  birthday bash in a kettle.


They needed something to take them in,

so they go to the super dooper mini cooper.

It drove them all the way to the kettle bin.

In the kettle the party began

with head Zonking Zonkers fron planet Can-Can.

The party is great,

the food and the cake,

the birthday cat gave me a brand new cape.


It was 10 pm, the presents came in

there were so many

she put them all in a bin

At 12 a.m. Katy’s birthday was over,

the birthday cat drove her home on a big, soft clover.

So that’s what they do in Mathicadoodle,

the birthday cat gives you gifts and a poodle.

If you’re birthday is tomorrow, in May or today,

I will always say, ” Happy Birthday!”


RAQUEL BRINCAT  copyright 2011

This poem was written by my daughter and she wanted me to post it in honor of her birthday this week!

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