God’s Workmanship

I wrote this poem back in 2001. I remember writing so fast because I felt like my pen was going to burst and catch fire if I didn’t move it at the speed that my brain was beckoning it to go. I hope you enjoy it and may it bring you hope!

The Master forever works,creates,perfects
A living canvas
Chooses and mixes the various paints
What starts out in chaos He perfects
With His discriminating eye, He constantly scrutinizes…
The past He obscures in shades of grey
Lest you forget from where you came
In dazzling hues, He accentuates
Those things about you that deeply touch and delight Him
When you’re feeling frustrated and forgotten
The Master is letting you rest
There are layers of paint that must dry-
Deep seated issues that can’t be worked out over night
Tomorrow He’ll pick it right back up
Then there are days of non-stop work
The canvas cries out,” I’m tired! I’ve had enough!”
The Master ignores your pleas
He alone knows when to cease
At times when your fears seem insurmountable
and failure is your constant companion
Rest assured, the plan is always bigger than the canvas
He will work it ALL out!
Those things that hurt you
The wounding you have suffered
He mixes them with dark shades of crimson
Reminding you He’s been there with you
Holding you as you were shamed and mistreated

Alas, The Master stands back
His living canvas is nearing completion…NOT!
This is a lifetime’s work
May the essence of God forever wash on your living canvas!
You ARE His work of art on display!

Eva Santiago copyright 2014


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