I Crashed a Funeral

Funerals are odd

They stir deep things

Things we seldom want to ponder

Some think on the Good Lawd

Others silently wonder, Am I ready to meet Him?

Some wish it were their time

Others record it like some kind of bizarre film

Some regret

Others lament

Some wish revenge

Others weep with fists tightly clenched

Some cry silently

Others loudly,openly beating their breast

Some look on in fear

Because death reminds us

She is always ever so near

Some reminisce

Others look on in shame

Some are quick to dismiss

Anything dark they might be feeling

Instead of embracing and accepting

Some are in shock

Being eaten alive by the sudden trauma

Refusing to play their own role in the unfolding drama

At funerals every single person plays a role

It is the most alive time some people will ever dare be

The starring role usually goes to

The grieving,closest relatives of the dearly departed

That is where all the attention is focused

While the rest of us grieve with the broken hearted.

The minister’s role is perplexing

I’d not want to be in his shoes,pants or suit

He’s given the charge:

Bring in the peace

Say words to keep everyone calm

Speak as if you knew the newly dearly departed

Help out the family who is terribly broken hearted

The minister plays several roles:

He’s a play write-makes sure his words are good and tight

No room for loose,sloppy writing

Or wandering,meandering words

That will make others feel unsure

No ambiguity, otherwise people will feel insecure

On him rests a heavy burden

AT death’s hour

No one likes feeling uncertain

So he’d better deliver by golly

Or people will feel he’s a fake

One slip of his pen

And they may burn him at the stake

In a funeral,even a stranger

has a role to play

People crash weddings all the time

Ever crashed a funeral?

That stranger sure did

That stranger was me

I was not personally known to the newly dearly departed

Certainly not a stranger to death,though.

Death is my old friend

She’s hung out with me through out my whole life

She first came and took mi mama

I was a tiny wee lil babe

Then she came for mi papi

I was just 2

She used to scare me for a very long time

Then one day I grew up

And learned she was no foe of mine

I’ve been to more funerals

Than I’ve been to weddings.

Weddings: Such fun,joyous,happy affairs

Funerals: Just completely the opposite

As they ought to be so

But we get selfish at funerals

Let’s face it folks:

We turn inward and think of ourselves

We think on our lives

We certainly hope our children will out live us

And not the other way around

At funerals: “What about me”

Is always clearly visible

On everyone’s face

Funerals remind us how short our time really is

Funerals remind us of our place

So if you’re feeling glum about life

Go to a funeral

By the wayside falls everything trivial

That’s where you know what’s real.

Eva Santiago copyright 2013

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