Better Than a Clockmaker

I know God loves me. I’ve known even. I am becoming more and more aware of a depth of grace that no one ever talks about. At least I have never heard of anyone in church talk about it. What I’m referring to is beyond “amazing grace how sweet the sound that save a wretch like me.” It is a grace so deep that it comforts and nourishes me simultaneously. A grace that gives me room to be human and not feel ashamed about it. A grace that holds me up when I trip and stumble. God said He would never let me fall on my face because his right hand would uphold me when I struggle. I am living those words now. I have a God who looks out for me. I am in love with an amazing God who watches my back at every turn. I am in relationship with the Creator of everything who knows my every thought before I even think it. He knows the inner workings of my soul better than a clockmaker knows every click and turn of all the gears in his clocks. He knows what every one of my sighs mean; He understands each one of my soul’s groans when I have run out of words to pray. He knows why I shed every tear and why I laugh when I am happy.

I can say I have discovered a tender side of God that looks at me not with disgust when I mess up; but with a tender compassion that melts my heart and makes me want to draw even closer to His presence. Has your child ever messed up so badly that when your anger toward him subsided, you took him into your arms and said,” I love you no matter what you do or say.” ? Well that’s the kind of mercy God has been demonstrating to this sinner lately. God shows mercy when you are merciful to others. His love is never ending. His love is true. Give Him a chance to work in your life and you’ll never be disappointed. Does it sound too good to be true? I have been lied to all of my life by people I trusted and I ought to be the world’s most distrusting soul. But alas I found out that God never lies. So even though people’s lies hurt me, God never has and that’s why I trust Him with all I am. Take a chance on God whose very essence is LOVE!

-Eva Santiago

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