365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 154

Today is very special for my family and I. My oldest girl Elena graduates from Home School! I asked her to write a final essay and share her home schooling experience and she allowed me to post it on my blog. last night her dad and I presented her with a ring and as we toasted her I felt a knot in my throat. I thought, ‘This is it! We did it!” I also thanked her dad because he is part of the reason I have been able to stay home to educate our four kids. He works hard to keep things going so I can do what I do. We are quite the team 🙂 So without further ado I present you the first graduate of Brincat Academy Class of 2012! I am wiping away tears as I type this..it’s all good! 

The First Twelve Years

Education has always been a key factor in success. And an even bigger key is home education, where you learn the essence of life. Because of this, many people have become historical successes; historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington. God put every one of us on this earth for a specific reason, giving us a purpose. Once you merge God’s purpose for you, with education, you begin to see things in a clear light, making your future bright. I’ve heard all this over the years. Therefore my purpose, is to go out and do the things I was made for. Thanks to my education, my  journey will be easier.


I can’t recollect when I first “started” school, or when my “first” day was. I never remembered, because I was born learning; making the adage true that : We are all born learners, non of us are stupid, making stupidity an excuse for ignorance. All throughout my first 17 years of learning, I’ve learned how to respect others, and to follow the golden rule. Because  I learned this virtue, and used it, then it continues to help me; with my encounters with others in both the professional world, and personal world. Another virtue I gained, was learning how to properly take care of and clean a house;making a house a home and learning to appreciate my blessings. Both my parents  instilled in me a good work ethic, that will take me far, wherever I go, in my career.

Growing up, I  always loved playing dress up, and make-believe, and this is something I continue to love and enjoy. I think this should have been the first tell tale sign, that I wanted to be an actor. So as time went on,over the years I always knew what I wanted to be. I  watched movies, and enjoyed acting  out scenes from the movie  afterwards. Even then, I was self discovering. Family has always been an influential ingredient in my success, for either the good or bad. All my life, my mom has always been there, encouraging, and enlightening me and my dreams.  She always pushed me to do my best, and to follow my dreams. She always encouraged me to want more.

As part of my upbringing, I was taught and learned to not grow up fast, and to enjoy my childhood. Later on however, I realized I had to. So I did. I guess subconsciously, I realized that I would need to someday down the road. I appreciated it. I thank my mom, for teaching me to never settle for less when my heart is crying out for more . Through this, I figured out how to pick the things I want in life, and to take my time doing so. Listening to God’s Spirit has helped me to become in tune with who I am . because of Him, I now know and understand more of who I am, and I thank Him for the strength He’s given me.

Looking back, I see where I have come, and I see who I have become. Homeschooling has helped me to accept me, and my flaws. Loving myself , with a healthy amount of respectful love. When in doubt, don’t look back, keep moving forward. Be who you want to be, love who you want to love, and have no regrets about it. Mom and Dad: I just hope I’ve served you well, making you proud, despite my flaws. I accept myself completely, so I thank you, and God, for helping me.



                                                       Elena Brincat 2012

4 thoughts on “365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 154

    1. It is a wonderful, yet at times taxing journey but one well worth the effort. I have 3 to go after this one. I wish you all the best and when it gets tough DON”T QUIT!!! 🙂


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