The Kindnesses of the Cruel

The worst thing in this existence is to not have been seen by the man who claimed to have loved me

You, loved me??

Seriously,do you know what love is?

Love is beyond a feeling

Love is a force

Love gives life

Love is beyond lust

Now do you get it?

True love reciprocates

True love intermingles

True love never hates

I deserve to know

Why you claimed to have loved me

When all I could ever feel was your hate

You bought me things

In attempts to satisfy my larger than life soul

You fool!

You never knew ME!!!

The worst thing in my existence is when you claimed your love for me when you haven’t a clue as to what love is

I asked you for one thing

It wasn’t material

You knew you wouldn’t give it

So you played me

‘Til the day I woke the hell up!

You’re a careless soul

Cruising through life

You drop people and shatter them into a billion bits

You trample them as on a trampoline

People for you are mere objects

The kindnesses of the cruel are oh so cruel

Your kind deeds are always from the dark side

Rendering them null and void in heaven’s bank account

And my whole world didn’t stop because you caused me to stumble

Stumble I did, and for you, I didn’t fall

For I knew who you were from day one

I’d seen you before in all the old, haunted places of my broken past

I chose you because all I knew was broken

And I figured you couldn’t break what was already shattered

I am strong…me you couldn’t scatter

So the worst thing in my existence is having chosen to live with the ghosts from my past;

All of which you so well embodied

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013



365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 154

Today is very special for my family and I. My oldest girl Elena graduates from Home School! I asked her to write a final essay and share her home schooling experience and she allowed me to post it on my blog. last night her dad and I presented her with a ring and as we toasted her I felt a knot in my throat. I thought, ‘This is it! We did it!” I also thanked her dad because he is part of the reason I have been able to stay home to educate our four kids. He works hard to keep things going so I can do what I do. We are quite the team 🙂 So without further ado I present you the first graduate of Brincat Academy Class of 2012! I am wiping away tears as I type’s all good! 

The First Twelve Years

Education has always been a key factor in success. And an even bigger key is home education, where you learn the essence of life. Because of this, many people have become historical successes; historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington. God put every one of us on this earth for a specific reason, giving us a purpose. Once you merge God’s purpose for you, with education, you begin to see things in a clear light, making your future bright. I’ve heard all this over the years. Therefore my purpose, is to go out and do the things I was made for. Thanks to my education, my  journey will be easier.


I can’t recollect when I first “started” school, or when my “first” day was. I never remembered, because I was born learning; making the adage true that : We are all born learners, non of us are stupid, making stupidity an excuse for ignorance. All throughout my first 17 years of learning, I’ve learned how to respect others, and to follow the golden rule. Because  I learned this virtue, and used it, then it continues to help me; with my encounters with others in both the professional world, and personal world. Another virtue I gained, was learning how to properly take care of and clean a house;making a house a home and learning to appreciate my blessings. Both my parents  instilled in me a good work ethic, that will take me far, wherever I go, in my career.

Growing up, I  always loved playing dress up, and make-believe, and this is something I continue to love and enjoy. I think this should have been the first tell tale sign, that I wanted to be an actor. So as time went on,over the years I always knew what I wanted to be. I  watched movies, and enjoyed acting  out scenes from the movie  afterwards. Even then, I was self discovering. Family has always been an influential ingredient in my success, for either the good or bad. All my life, my mom has always been there, encouraging, and enlightening me and my dreams.  She always pushed me to do my best, and to follow my dreams. She always encouraged me to want more.

As part of my upbringing, I was taught and learned to not grow up fast, and to enjoy my childhood. Later on however, I realized I had to. So I did. I guess subconsciously, I realized that I would need to someday down the road. I appreciated it. I thank my mom, for teaching me to never settle for less when my heart is crying out for more . Through this, I figured out how to pick the things I want in life, and to take my time doing so. Listening to God’s Spirit has helped me to become in tune with who I am . because of Him, I now know and understand more of who I am, and I thank Him for the strength He’s given me.

Looking back, I see where I have come, and I see who I have become. Homeschooling has helped me to accept me, and my flaws. Loving myself , with a healthy amount of respectful love. When in doubt, don’t look back, keep moving forward. Be who you want to be, love who you want to love, and have no regrets about it. Mom and Dad: I just hope I’ve served you well, making you proud, despite my flaws. I accept myself completely, so I thank you, and God, for helping me.



                                                       Elena Brincat 2012

365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 122

My daughter wrote this..please read it and pay attention to the youth because they are way more in tune with life’s events than most people will give them credit for.


I am a senior in highschool…YAY CLASS OF 2012! I am proud to proclaim that I have been homeschooled all my life. Throughout my years of learning, my mother has instilled in me the skill and love of reading. And not just reading regular writings, but literature. And all through highschool, my mom has had me read to her. I have read and discovered all sorts of works, like that of Edgar Allen PoeShakespeare, John Bunyan and so forth. I have even read literature from Ye Ol’ English, dating back to the infamous Beowulf.

Though I have read some bad things, along with the good works, I have grown to love literature. It’s become my favorite subject. You learn about yourself when read things like these. You learn and find where your morals, and views stand…you self-discover essentially. I have grown to love poetry a great deal. It has inspired me to write some of my own. Through reading literature, you gain culture, knowledge, and a well-rounded  vocabulary, which you use in turn to write works of  art. My mother always taught me the value of communicating well. Not sounding like an idiot when you’re speaking to somebody…whether it be for a job interview, or in a social setting among educated people. It’s important to have this…because you never really know where you’ll be, or when you’ll need it.

I hope you enjoy!

Bleeding Sacrifice

Your body, feels good next

To mine,

As I run my fingers down your Spine.

Your body, feels like it’s in its


Everyone questions

They think us a disgrace

Forget them Love,

Live a little.

All we have is the now,

There’s no turnin’ back.

I see you,You see me.

They think us Crazy.

We’re each other’s baby.

We see each other as


No one can see our


See our veins,

Dripping with the blood

They make us.

We come together now

Healing each other’s


In our weakness,we gain strength.

In our fight to save

Each other.

We fall,

Joining another paradise.

Elena Brincat

365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 101


Last night my oldest  daughter was working on one of her last essays and she  said this,” I can’t remember when I started school.” WOW! My job is accomplished here because I set out to make life long learners of my kids and this statement proves to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have accomplished one of my main goals in my home schooling journey. Just think of it, most kids remember their first day of school like this: Johnny with his cute back pack waiting for the dreaded yellow school bus that would take him away to a place where his real learning journey would actually end instead of begin. In the first few years of his life, his parents or main care takers were his main teachers and they allowed him the freedom to explore and learn on his own. Now as he rides the yellow dog he’s about to embark on  12 years of in the box learning where his natural abilities to soak up knowledge like the sponges they are at that age, will be curtailed if not squashed. So today I am a happy, happy teacher knowing that my kids love learning and they will carry that hunger with them to serve them well in their lives.

My daughter then went on to admit that as her home schooling journey wraps up, she will miss it because she can look back at all the ups and downs we’ve faced together and her heart aches because she knows from here on out it’s up to her to make her life the way she wants it. We both teared up

Funny, I told my daughter that on my last day of high school when the last bell rang and all the seniors let out a happy freedom cry, the last thing on my mind was whether I was going to miss 12 years of compulsory education. No way, I told her I was so glad my time was done. And here her sentiment was so different and my heart ached a little.


365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 87

Education Requires Conversation

Education is not always  about opening textbooks, taking tests where you regurgitate the information you had to memorize in order to get a passing grade. Education is also not just having an instructor who shows you a new skill. Education requires conversation.

I can look back on the teachers I had when I went to school and the ones who are still with me, are the ones who didn’t always make the class crack the book open. In 1oth grade I had Mr. Griffin for World history. He was an eccentric man. He was in his 60’s, dressed impeccably and told the best stories. He had been a quarter back in high school ,went on to play in college; served in the military, I think he went to Korea. After the war he came back and became a commercial airline pilot.  If  Mr. Griffin would have said he ran for president, I would have believed him. He interacted with us on a daily basis. Don’ task me what I learned about world history in his class. I did learn that he was a deeply caring human being who liked his students. I never saw anyone sleeping in his class either.

When he would assign reports and students asked him how long or short did the report have to be Mr. Griffin always said,” Like a ladies’ dress: Long enough to cover the subject and short enough to keep it interesting.” I chuckle because I’ve used that same line on my kids in the past.

Mr. Griffin also hated  PDA which was always common in the last few second before the bell rang. Often I’d see him step out  and yell at the couples making out in his hallway,” Stop swapping slobber will ya?!!!”

True education requires conversations where both the teacher and the students interact and share ideas as well as argue points. Mt. Griffin shared and at times he’d let us do the sharing. Great teachers ought to also be able to learn from the students. My kids have taught me so many lessons along the way. Just today I had a conversation with my almost 16-year-old daughter where she helped me see something in a new light.

Last year I held a writing group in my home. The group consisted of kids my kids knew. I’d open up with a free write;  a time to let them unleash whatever they wanted on paper. Afterwards they had the chance to share if they were comfortable. At first, the idea turned them off because they thought it would be like regular school. Once they saw that they had the choice whether to read their writing in front of others or not, they became bolder. Pretty soon every writing session was amazing because these kids had somewhere they could come to where they would be heard. We all learned from each other and that’s what’s most important. Our writing time turned into sometimes deep, other times hilarious conversations. I miss those times because I met some exceptional young people.

Talking about education is like learning to dance by reading a book. You might get the basic technique down but you won’t really be dancing until you actually get on the floor and risk making a fool of yourself. Education requires conversation because that’s how you as a teacher, know that your students are learning and your students will know you care about them;because you value their views and opinion. After all, the teacher isn’t always right.

Love requires relationship. – Unknown


Abigail Adams by Benjamin Blythe, 1766
Abigail Adams by Benjamin Blythe, 1766 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Borrowed knowledge versus ownership of knowledge. Why do parents send their kids to school? Is it so they will become smarter? Let’s face it, children are born with a natural ability to learn and soak up knowledge. But  at the end of 12 years of conventional education do they own the knowledge or did they just borrow it? There is a huge difference: Borrowed knowledge is when you are given facts by a teacher or from a book and you are required to memorize it so that you can then regurgitate the information on a test in order to pass you to the next level. Most of us who went to public school borrowed the knowledge; that’s why when you look back at so much of the information you supposedly learned in 12 years of school most of us draw a blank.
When you own knowledge on a particular subject, it stays with you for life and you will use it through out your whole life time.  Look at our youth today, why is it that they are barely graduating high school and they don’t know much. Could it be the difference between borrowed  and owned knowledge?
EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2011
Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” – Abigail Adams, Letter to John Quincy Adams (May 8, 1780

Children Are Natural Learners

Hello again!
I hope you are having a great summer! I want to touch on a slightly over looked fact. Have you ever noticed that children are naturally curious? Albert Einstein  referred to it as, “A holy curiosity for enquiry.” This needs to be nurtured in our children and one way to do so is to encourage their questions. My teacher in the 3rd grade, Ms. McClellan once told me that there are no dumb questions except that ones you don’t ask. I never forgot that and I do the same with my kids.
So next time you are pressed for time and your child comes up to you and peppers you with a myriad of seemingly silly question remember; what maybe obvious to you maybe a mystery to him because he’s new in this world. So count to ten, take a deep breath and relax if you don’t know the answer to his question. Then be brave enough to tell him, “I don’t know but we can find out together.”  I will leave you with a couple of quotes on education. Adios!
“Education has become too important to leave to educators.” – Peter Drucker
“Educate a man and you educate an individual-educate a woman and you educate a family.”
-Agnes Gripps

School Defined

I am so excited to be here sharing about one of my passions in life. I love to teach and my decision to stay at home in order to home school my 4 kids was the best career decision I ever made. My husband and I met when I was still a college student and as we dated, he told me one day that he could see me teaching our kids if we ever decided to get married and start a family. I was flabbergasted because I really didn’t see myself as he was seeing me. So I finished college, we took the plunge, we got married, started our family and I made a career change, one that I have never regretted.
So here I am 16 years later and I’m starting on this new venture; a blog about home schooling! Have you ever wondered what the word SCHOOL means? One day a few years back while I was helping my kids with some of their school work we decided to look it up in The Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary; School, n.[OE.scole, AS.sclu, L.schola, Gr. leisure, that in which leisure is employed, disputation, lecture, a school, probably from the same root as , the original sense being perhaps, a stopping, a resting.
Something occurred to me as I read that particular definition of the word school. I began to see that children learn best in an environment where they aren’t being rushed to learn subjects that they may not be ready to grasp. Look back to your own school days. Can you remember learning a new concept in any subject and the frustration that came when you didn’t get it and then the teacher had to move on to the next new topic and then you felt completely lost? That was my experience in a lot of the math and science classes.
The good news is that home schooling caters to each childs’ individual style of learning. Whether you have 1 or 10 kids, each one of them learns at a different rate and in a different way; home schooling allows for children to learn in a leisurely way without the pressure of being forced to move on to higher levels of comprehension that he or she may not be ready for.
Enjoy your day, enjoy your life and enjoy teaching your kid/kids!