365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 126


Those vaccines screw you up BAD. So here you take a baby who comes into the world without any defects and then you are told to vaccinate them to prevent them from getting sick. So they give your baby a TB shot and that disease lays dormant during the child’s younger years but then as the child develops and gets into  adolescence, things start going screwy on them and you begin to attribute that to just normal teen behavior and it’s something far more sinister . Then you find out one day that those shots your child received during her infancy are wreaking havoc in her body. The TB shots have affected her at the cellular level to where the cells in her body cannot communicate properly with her organs and glands. Essentially your daughter is RNA deficient. She feels out of sorts and you try to help her, she gets temporary relief but nothing lasting. A few days later she’s back to feeling chaotic inside.  She even confesses that she’s beginning to feel like if she could only turn to some substance for temporary relief, that would be better than nothing.

So as the parent you wonder if this isn’t just “normal” teen behavior, and something tells your gut it’s not. Then your child starts to want to hurt herself in the physical sense and that’s when all bets are off and you begin to look for answers. You rule out taking her to a conventional doctor because you’ve seen from first hand experience that all they’re going to do is put her on some drug in attempts to calm her nerves. They won’t really investigate because they really don’t care. So you take her to your naturopath whom you have trusted for years because she is a very good one. Doc Lisa talks to your daughter and she finds out what’s been troubling her . She then starts looking in her books for the answers.

Then you mention that of all your kids, your eldest child was the one who received several of her baby shots. Lets’s face it, you realise because she is your first child, you didn’t know what was going on back then and you followed everyone’s bad advise blindly.  You gave her those shots because you just did not know any better. The drug companies and quacks capitalize on your ignorance. Please let THAT sink in. Nodding her head, Doc dives back into her books. Next you hear the most troubling news. There are 5 diseases which have plagued humans since time began. She names them: Leprosy, TB, syphilis, gonorrhea, cancer and………. By then you stop listening because your mind is racing, connecting all of the dots and now everything you ever suspected is confirmed as truth. These diseases can be traced back to ancestral family lines and a family can be predisposed to one of those diseases because of an ancestor who had the disease and that’s how diseases become hereditary. She mentions that the disease gets activated in  a person through trauma or get ready, drum roll please….VACCINES! You are dumb founded and relieved to finally be getting some answers.

Well, we ruled out trauma because your daughter hasn’t experienced anything like that . And the culprit are the vaccines just as you had suspected. Doc continues telling you that  your daughter is exhibiting ghost like symptoms of TB and you can only sit back and be angry. Angry because you were lied to. Angry at yourself for not having listened to what your gut instinct was telling you back then. You knew before you even gave her one single shot that there was something not right about giving a very healthy baby a disease to prevent her from getting the disease later on. Then you asked people whom you thought wiser than you for advise and they just told you the same thing: “ Give her the shots because you never know what can happen later if you don’t.” So you stop listening to that inner voice and agree to it because you’re a new mother who wants the best for her child and you go against your God-given gut instinct and allow her to be poked in her arm with TB.

I wrote this in the 3rd person to remove myself from this anger I’ve been feeling lately towards this. I also wrote this to inform people. Please listen: If you have a brand new baby whom you are considering vaccinating, DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST! Don’t take my word for it. Look into things yourself regarding everything that pertains to your children. The medical establishment DOES NOT have the answers. I have seen so many kids who are sick and the parents blindly follow what they’re told. And let’s face it, even though there ARE some very good MD’s out there, many physicians still try to make you feel stupid as if you don’t know anything because they have all the answers and you don’t know a thing. NEVER accept anything blindly when it comes to your health or that of your children. With all of the information we have available at our fingertips today, your best defense is to stay informed.

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