365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 110

I noticed something interesting. When I write my blog offline on my computer, I  flow better than if I just go on WORDPRESS and write it from there. I don’t know, do any of you fellow bloggers out there ever experience that?

Today I went and got rid of crap I have not used in forever. And by forever I mean more than 6 months to a year. A long time ago when I used to go to church a visiting preacher from South Africa was talking about storing up treasure in heaven. At the end of his lesson, he mentioned that he had a rule he lives by in order not to amass stuff. He said that if he looked around his closet and if he saw something he hadn’t worn in at least a year, he would donate it to charity. Well I adopted the same rule and I’ve done that since then.

My family knows, if I have not worn it, touched it or even looked at something in at least a year, it’s GONE in 60 seconds 😀 Ok, ok, I’m exaggerating there, but you get the point. I find it liberating. Anyway, this rule doesn’t apply to some things like books and family heirlooms. For everything else though, there’s the Goodwill!

So I leave you with this photo of the ocean taken when I went to Malibu…BREATHE!

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