365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 117

Star Light


We are all fragile by design.

Some act tougher than what they are.

Some whip themselves into shape,

still others fall one step behind.

Then there are the “might oaks of righteousness”.

Don’t be fooled by such,

it’s all  a cover up,

a disguise for a great hoax.

With their many words, they give themselves away;

pretty soon you see their many words don’t line up,

with the way they walk.

Always making grandiose plans, dreaming away their lives,

always forgetting that planning is futile,

when they leave out the master planner.

They order their steps without Him;

from on high He looks down and laughs.

He knows without Him,

their chances in life are slim.

So then there are others who lead quiet lives,

only doing what they see the master do.

Eva Santiago copyright 2012

365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 110

I noticed something interesting. When I write my blog offline on my computer, I  flow better than if I just go on WORDPRESS and write it from there. I don’t know, do any of you fellow bloggers out there ever experience that?

Today I went and got rid of crap I have not used in forever. And by forever I mean more than 6 months to a year. A long time ago when I used to go to church a visiting preacher from South Africa was talking about storing up treasure in heaven. At the end of his lesson, he mentioned that he had a rule he lives by in order not to amass stuff. He said that if he looked around his closet and if he saw something he hadn’t worn in at least a year, he would donate it to charity. Well I adopted the same rule and I’ve done that since then.

My family knows, if I have not worn it, touched it or even looked at something in at least a year, it’s GONE in 60 seconds 😀 Ok, ok, I’m exaggerating there, but you get the point. I find it liberating. Anyway, this rule doesn’t apply to some things like books and family heirlooms. For everything else though, there’s the Goodwill!

So I leave you with this photo of the ocean taken when I went to Malibu…BREATHE!