365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 233

I was just reminiscing as how as a child I had the opportunity to travel to so many places. Back then, I had no idea how much living and traveling in different cultures would come to add so much zest to my writing. The story I am positing today is yet another preview of my new book, SALSA! THE TASTE OF LIFE, going live very soon. Unfortunately I had to edit this story out  because the book was getting to be too big. But you still get to enjoy it here 🙂

I visited this beautiful place in Belgium called Bruges and my one day there as a teen, inspired me to write it. Our minds are amazing! In those days I was unaware that these places I was visiting and all the sights , smells and sounds I took in, would one day make part of a collection of short stories and poems that I am privileged to be able to share with the world. 🙂

The Lace-Maker of Bruges


January 17 ,1981

Dear Diary,

Today I met an eccentric elderly woman of close to eighty years old as I took in the sites in the antique city of Bruges, Belgium. She never told me her name, and I didn’t ask either, so I’ll name her Briguitta.

Briguitta is a native of Bruges. She said she had endured WWII and had been able to keep her family fed through the craft she busied herself with right in front of me as we chatted.

Thank God, I was able to get by on the French I had learned in school, and she knew some English as well. Briguitta’s face was a roadmap of wrinkles, and I believe every wrinkle is a road she has traveled on. Her blue eyes were vibrant, telling me that although she was in the winter of her life, her soul still danced in the summer.

Her most amazing features, though, were  her hands. Arthritis was trying to win the age battle, but Briguitta did not seem to be bothered by it all. She shared that all the women in her family had been bobbin lace-makers. She had learned the craft as a small girl of around seven as she sat at her grandmother’s knee watching her. Lace-making had sustained her through one husband and four children.

I watched in fascination as her hands worked rapidly and seemingly effortlessly. The glimmering white cotton thread flew through her crooked finger and onto the bobbins.  Briguitta knew just where to place the needles. She had an imaginary pattern she was following, and at every turn, she was creating exquisite artwork.

I joked as I asked her if she ever felt like a spider weaving an intricate web, one that would dazzle in the early morning sunlight, when everything is covered with dew.

Briguitta only smiled as she continued with her work. She offered, “You will only find bobbin lace here in Bruges. It’s very expensive.”

Then I asked her, because I was intrigued as I watched her hands defy their age as they flew with inexplicable grace, “So, where do you work?”

Briguitta was sitting at a small, square, wood table in front of a lace shop. All of her materials necessary to make bobbin lace were with her. She looked up for a minute, and then she answered me, “Right here; this is where we do it all.” I was dumbfounded. Then she added, “You won’t see younger women, such as yourself, making bobbin lace. No, most of us are between fifty and ninety years of age.”

“That’s amazing!” I exclaimed.

“You won’t find any of us in a factory. We all work outside of lace shops just like this one,” Briguitta said.

I was so taken in I continued peppering her with my questions in the hopes that I was not impeding her progress.

“Where did this originate from?”

Briguitta informed me that Charles V had made a decree that lace making was to be taught in all of the schools in Belgium’s provinces. She also said that lace replaced embroidery as a fashion accessory because it could be unsewn from one garment and replaced on another article of clothing. Lastly, she said that although many styles and techniques had been developed, almost all of them came form Belgium’s provinces.

I thanked Briguitta for educating me on the trade that, according to her, had been in her family for six generations. The sun was setting lower, and I said good-bye. Then I entered the lace shop to pick out a piece of bobbin lace to take back home.

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012

365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 121

Rejoice! Rejoice and be glad!
For you see,
being a nobody isn’t so bad.
We’ve all been lied to,
conditioned and misinformed;
told us that in order to be loved,
we must get and acquire and do.
So they put us all on a treadmill.
We became a horde of scrambling rats,
scurrying at break neck speed.
The rat race was where it was all supposed to be.
Then one day you stop,
realizing you were made for a higher purpose;
for in all your getting and acquiring,
you’ve become a bankrupt soul.
That’s when it all starts unraveling.
Suddenly you find yourself traveling-
down a long slippery slope.
You see what you’ve known all along:
that rat race you’ve been running,
takes you nowhere after all.
That’s when you meet The One,
He says to us all,
“ Come follow me.
Stop all your senseless activity.
I’ll make you an original,
just what you always dreamed you’d be.”

So Rejoice! Rejoice and be glad,
Rest assured and hear me say,
” Stay on course. Don’t deviate from the straight and narrow.”
If you do, you’ll only be a misguided arrow.
Trust Him, abide and stay put.
You’ve come this far,
you don’t want what others seek-
to be a fleeting shooting star.
All that He has is YOURS: The riches of His kingdom.

Eva Santiago © 2012


365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 117

Star Light


We are all fragile by design.

Some act tougher than what they are.

Some whip themselves into shape,

still others fall one step behind.

Then there are the “might oaks of righteousness”.

Don’t be fooled by such,

it’s all  a cover up,

a disguise for a great hoax.

With their many words, they give themselves away;

pretty soon you see their many words don’t line up,

with the way they walk.

Always making grandiose plans, dreaming away their lives,

always forgetting that planning is futile,

when they leave out the master planner.

They order their steps without Him;

from on high He looks down and laughs.

He knows without Him,

their chances in life are slim.

So then there are others who lead quiet lives,

only doing what they see the master do.

Eva Santiago copyright 2012

365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 115

Yesterday I blogged about how a very dear friend of mine passed away this past Sunday. What caught me off guard were the strong emotions I felt when I heard the news. Then I realized that you don’t have to talk to a friend everyday or even see them to feel close; when a  dear friend passes away you’ll feel the loss just as strong . Then I remembered the letters I received from her and I took them out and re-read them to my kids. There was my healing balm. Re-reading them after all these years, I felt her love all over again.

The cool thing about hand written letters is that when your loved one is gone, they are pieces of them you get to keep. ♥
 I am so happy to have those! So today my photo is of those precious letters I’ll treasure forever. Happy Tuesday everyone :)!

365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 114

I just received news that a wonderful woman I knew passed away today. She was the midwife who assisted me in delivering my 4th child in a lovely home birth. I wrote this poem a while back about her and I’m posting it here today in remembrance. R.I.P. Sweet Kaye…

I post no actual photo today but in its stead, I’ll paint you my word picture of this precious soul.


Blue eyes that tell a story,

of loves’ loss,

tinged with perhaps a bit,

of yesterday’s glory.


Eyes of azure,

tinted with sadness;

azure,cerulean, lapis-lazuli,

oh why have they not seen their jubilee?


Hiding behind a curtain…

…seen way too much?

perhaps losing hope?

is it too much with which to cope?


Life and death situations abound all around,

one day up, the next, she’s low to the ground,

and still Kaye hearkens her ear to the sound….

…. phonic, sonic, supersonic faith sings her resounding song.


Not a faith based on what is seen,

but on trust and belief,

that only comes once,

from the secret place.


Kaye will dwell ,occupy and reside,

in the secret place of The Most High,

she’ll abide and remain under His shadow,

proclaiming Him always her refuge, her tower, her strength!

-Eva Santiago copyright 2012

365 Snap Shots of Life : Day 111

The Invitation

Ever since I said yes to my cross, my life was revolutionized. My cross has taken me places I’ve never been; tight, narrow, difficult places that can only be attained through my cross. I have seen great heights and been to the lowest  abyss and came back to surprise my enemies. They jeered, they taunted,” Where is this God of yours? You say He loves you and yet He abandons you, giving you up for dead. HA! HA! HA! What a pitiful God who squashes the ones He supposedly loves…”

And yet through all the flaming arrows and accusations I am able to stand, though it is not I who stands. It is through no strength of my own that I’m able to bear the weight of my cross. ” Pick up YOUR cross and follow me” is not a command, rather it’s His invitation. Many are called,  few respond.

I did this painting when I first visited Tucson AZ. It was spring and I was astounded to see such a colorful landscape…I fell in love with the desert back then. I hope everyone has a fantastic week-end!!

365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 110

I noticed something interesting. When I write my blog offline on my computer, I  flow better than if I just go on WORDPRESS and write it from there. I don’t know, do any of you fellow bloggers out there ever experience that?

Today I went and got rid of crap I have not used in forever. And by forever I mean more than 6 months to a year. A long time ago when I used to go to church a visiting preacher from South Africa was talking about storing up treasure in heaven. At the end of his lesson, he mentioned that he had a rule he lives by in order not to amass stuff. He said that if he looked around his closet and if he saw something he hadn’t worn in at least a year, he would donate it to charity. Well I adopted the same rule and I’ve done that since then.

My family knows, if I have not worn it, touched it or even looked at something in at least a year, it’s GONE in 60 seconds 😀 Ok, ok, I’m exaggerating there, but you get the point. I find it liberating. Anyway, this rule doesn’t apply to some things like books and family heirlooms. For everything else though, there’s the Goodwill!

So I leave you with this photo of the ocean taken when I went to Malibu…BREATHE!

365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 109

I was journaling earlier today and I did a little exercise called a gazillion questions day. I allowed myself to write down all the questions  swimming around in my head. Some I answered. Others, I had no answer for and I just left blank.There is something very freeing about writing down those questions even if you don’t have an answer or if the answer is something you don’t want to accept. At least it’s out of my head and I anchored it down on pen and paper. Or in my case, hammered them down with each strike of the keys on my key board. So now that I’ve told you what helps me clear my head, I feel a nap coming on :). Chao for now!