365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 24

January 24, 2012

I was looking through some pics for today’s post and I chose this one because it made me realize how many pets we have adopted through the years. Our first family pet was a  Jack Russel Terrier who just happened to come into our lives at the worst time. All of my kids were under 10 years old with my youngest just having turned 2 that year. I felt like Bosco was another child I had to look after and I was already spread out past thin. It broke my heart to have to give him away to a neighbor but it was what was best for him as well. After that, we didn’t have any pets because I thought it best to wait until the kids were older and handle taking care of a pet. Then entered our rabbit phase. After the 6th rabbit died we decided to take another break from owning a pet.

This Desert Tortoise was a gift from our neighbors to my son. That boy adores turtles. I think that Snap, as he named him, was THE gift of his 12th birthday. But unfortunately Snap didn’t last long because someone stole him not too long after. So here is to you Snap, wherever you are, Jojo still misses you. 🙂



-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012

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