30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 26 Part 3

Today I’m posting some slang terms from the 1960’s. As I have worked on the last 3 posts, I have gained a new found appreciation for buzzwords and catch phrases of previous decades. We all borrow from one another and this is the case concerning slang words. I showed my post to my husband, who is a ’60’s child and we had a good laugh sharing this with our kids. Our kids are realizing that they aren’t as original as they thought they were. I hope you enjoy this and if you can come up with a few of your own, feel free to share them here.

A Gas A lot of fun.

All show and no go. Referenced to a car that had all the pretty chrome goodies, but wouldn’t get out of its own way.

Ape Used with “Go”, “Gone” or “Went”. To explode or go completely irate.Example: “When my parents saw my report card, they went ape.

Bag To Steal. Example: Who bagged my towel? ; also see Score
Also; “What’s your bag” meaning what’s your problem or where are you coming from.
Thanks to Jerry Miles (HHS 66)

Love that tie-dye!

Birth Control Seats Bucket Seats

Bitchin(See also Twitchin’) Good, Exciting, Awesome.

I wore a dress like that in the '80's

Blast A Great Time. Example: “We had a blast at the Prom”.

Bone Yard Auto wrecking yard; Junk yard.

Bad Awesome.

Cat A guy

Cherry Pristine, Totally Clean. Example: “That rod is cherry”!

Thanks to David Williams (HHS 61) for this one.

Chick A girl or a woman.

This print was trendy in the '80's

Church Key Before pop tops, a Beer or Soda can was opened with one of these.
Thanks to Ron Stowe for this one.

CootiesSomeone who wasn’t cool had them. No one ever saw them, but you knew who had them.
Thanks to Jennie Quevedo HHS’67.

Crash Go to bed; go to sleep.

Dibs Most always used with “Got”. Example: I “got dibs” on that Coke bottle. Meaning you owned that Coke bottle.
Thanks to Ron Stowe for another great word.

Don’t Flip Your Wig See “Don’t have a Cow”.

Dork See Dip Stick

A Drag Someone or something that’s boring or un-enlightening.

Dude In the 60’s, a dude was a geek or a panty waist.

Easy Another way of saying Goodbye. Example: “Easy, Man!!”.
Also a girl who was a sure thing, sexually. Example: That girl Bob took out last night was “Easy”.

Five Finger Discount Anything obtained by theft.

Flip Flops Thongs (that went on your feet)

Flower Child A Hippie

Funky Neat, Cool; also gone bad. Example: I think that milk is funky.
Thanks to Rachel Green for this late 60’s standard.

“F**kin’ A” This was simply the vulgar form of, “I concur”.

Gimme some skin Shake hands.

Go All The Way Have sex with.

Going Steady If you were “Going Steady”, you were dating only one special person.

GoldenSee Cherry.
Thanks to Bob Ferguson (HHS 65).

Gnarly Originally a difficult or large wave (He wiped out on a gnarly wave),later anything big or difficult (The Chemistry test was gnarly.), then later an expletive of approval (That custom paint job is gnarly!)
Thanks again to Peter Schultz HHS66 for this great word.

Groovy Nice, “Cool” or Neat. Used commonly among hippies in the 60’s.

Hang Loose Relax; Take it easy.

Hunk What a girl would call a good looking guy.

Kiss up The proverbial “Teachers Pet”. This person who would do anything to please the teacher. 
This great slang term is from “El Rojo” AKA: Russ Jacobsen (HHS 60) Thanks Russ.

Knocked Up Pregnant.

My Kid's Lego Sets Are So Different Now

Loaded Intoxicated.

Melvin See Wedgie; Example: “Jimmy the Fink was smarting off to Billy, so I sneaked up behind him and gave him a Melvin.”

Thanks to Tom Schell for this one….

Neat (Neato) Nice; Sharp

Old Lady Your Mother.

Old Man Your Father. A pair of classics above from Jeff Kain HHS ’72.


Outta Sight Fantastic, Awesome. Example: Hey Kathleen, that tie dyed top your wearing is “outta sight”. 
This one provided by Kathleen Griffin (74). Thanks Kathleen… Great saying!

Pig Out Over eat.

Rap Talk.

Right On I agree; I concur.

Classic Vans

RighteousExtremely fine, beautiful. For us guys it was generally used when talking about the most important areas of our lives; cars and women.
“John’s got a righteous new paint job on his ’58 Chevy”.
“Ron met this righteous babe down at 26th St.”.
Thanks to Bob Melendrez (HHS 71) for this “Righteous” addition.

Scheming When someone is really interested in the opposite sex. Example: “Jim is really scheming on Jill” Thanks to Lillian McDonald Parra HHS63 for this one.

Screwed, GoCheated out of something

Screwed up Made a mistake; messed up in the head; intoxicated

Mad Men

Shades Sunglasses

Swear to Buddha I guess we thought it was less irreverent than saying “I swear to God.”
Thanks to Marsha Soares West (63)

Tough or Tuff Neat, cherry, great, bitchin’. – as in “Wow, she’s really a tuff chic!”
Thanks to Bob Rierdan for this old standard.

Wet Willie A trick played when someone wets their finger and puts it in your ear.
Thanks to Connie Jax Beverly HHS67 

Woody Wagon A wood sided station wagon used to transport surfboards and surfers to and from the beach.

Zits Pimples.


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