30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 26 part2

Since I had such a great time doing yesterday’s post, I decided to take it a step further and post the buzzwords and catch phrases of previous decades. To quote my 17-year-old daughter,”I know why people of my generation use the slang words of the 80’s…..because they are so fricken cool XD 😀 That just  makes me so proud! 🙂 Tune in tomorrow when I post about the 1960’s.

Today I’ll post some  slang terms of the 1970’s…ENJOY!

real deal or truth ex “let me give you the skinny on the deal”

‘ Psyche’!!!
To trick someone. To b.s. someone. As if to psyche them out.

The ‘Crib’ and going to the ‘Gig’
The “crib” was going home or to someone else’s house, and “gig” was work or job.

‘Don’t Be Such A ‘spaz’
A ‘spaz’ was someone that was accident prone,clutsy, or just acting stupid.

‘Dream On’
a term used to get someone down to earth, or tell them they are being unrealistic about something, e.g. when someone would say, “I’m getting a brand new car!” you’d respond, “Yeah, right; dream on man!”

‘Far Out’

‘Good night, John-boy.’
An annoying phrase popularized by the entire cast of “the Walton’s” — except by John-boy” (Richard Thomas) himself.

‘May The Force Be With You’
The most popular line from one of the greatest movies of the 70s(and of all time) StarWars

To describe an overbearing, “two-faced”, or deceitful person or thing. Also: “Phony Baloney” which then became: “Baloney” which is an active form, used to instantly dismiss the phony person or utterance.

‘That’s Sick!’ 
A Midwestern phrase in the late 70’s. To describe something odd or unusual. Not necessarily a person or object of distaste, but something suspect but also intriguing. “Sick!”

‘The Man’
the man to me means any authority, corporations, police, government, they’re all the man tho first used in the 60’s by the hippies it live through the 70’s,80’s,90’s and still to this day.

‘You Know’
This was said at the end of nearly every sentence 🙂

‘Your Mama’
“Your Mama” was said a lot of my school, with also “Joe Mama.” With “Happy Days” that brought us the word “Nerd” which was VERY popular.

‘chill’ ‘be Cool’
relax, man!

everything had “city” after it. That was cool-city.

Beginning every sentence with “like”. “Like we went to the mall and like I saw him looking at me.”

I do believe the term ‘like’ was used in the 70s by Americans and has been used ever since. Recently the British have adopted the phrase especially since the popularity of cult sitcom ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’. The phrase is used in various ways usually by teenagers and 20 somethings who automatically, subconsciously add a touch of ‘trendiness’ to their sentences. For instance: “Like, let’s get outa here!” “Like, no way!” “This is like way cool guys”

‘looo-king Gooood!’
a phrase popularized by the late Freddie Prinz Sr. on the tv sitcom “Chico and the man.”

‘right On’ !!
Right on–was a slang used for hep people when you agreed to something ex: Are you going to the club tonight–Right on!

They Called THAT Dancing? 🙂

for sure, or for real

All Right
that’s da bomb

Awe Sooky Sooky
Like awe yeah baby.. or something looks really good.. like ” shut up “; can’t believe it.

sexy, groovy person or someone you love

“You too”.


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