30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 27

Day 27 Question # 27

What is something you were initially reluctant to let your children have or do, but to which you ultimately acquiesced after much pleading and begging on their part?

Answer: Well, my husband and I have a policy that states that if our kids beg us about anything, we turn a deaf ear to them. When I first heard of Facebook I was curious about it. I had heard of MySpace on the news and it wasn’t getting any votes from me. So when my best friend from high school sent me a friend invite to join her on Facebook, I tried it.

For a little while I really didn’t get  the hype about it. When I discovered that I could reconnect with old friends, family members and even classmates , I was hooked. Naturally, my kids were also curious because I would get really happy when I would find a person I hadn’t talked to in years. So after  being on Facebook for about 6 months, my older girls asked me if they could open an account. I pondered it awhile. Then I reasoned that since we have a family computer in a centrally located part of our home, where I can monitor their activity in cyberspace, I didn’t see a problem, so I agreed.

We all have Facebook accounts now, even my husband.  I see Facebooking has more positive effects than negative. I think what really helps is monitoring my kids and also limiting how much time they are on there per week. Being that I home school my kids, they get to stay connected to their friends and they can also connect with other home schooled kids. So no, they didn’t beg me. I just thought it was a good idea and so far I have not regretted it.

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