Part One

Let’s play! That’s one of a child’s favorite things to do; unfortunately as they get older games are left out of their education. Why get rid of such an important tool? I have integrated games as a way of teaching new concepts and reinforcing material I’ve taught in the past. This will be a series of blogs where I will share some of my ideas on how you can create your own games and implement them into your curriculum.
Trivia games such as Trivial Pursuit are great for learning and retaining facts about different subjects. I created my own version. I found an old Trivial Pursuit game board and kept all of the game pieces; the only difference is I have come up with my own questions using the various subjects I’ve taught over the years. So my home version of Trivial Pursuit has different categories such as: Bible Knowledge, Art, Sciences, Geography, Famous Quotes, History, The Language Arts and Spanish. We have a great time playing our home version and as new material is learned, I add to my question bank.
See, I told you a little imagination is all you need…enjoy your day!

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