Life is amazing everyday! When you  have a holiday though, it heightens expectation levels. This year I am glad to say, I spent the most wonderful Thanksgiving Day with some of the best people . Being that everyone who came by to share in the turkey meal, is a writer we gathered together after the meal and we played writing games. New friendships were formed, old friendships were reinforced and all of us in my living room felt not so  alone for those few hours. I love being a writer and having the opportunity to open my home to others is a plus; having that many writers together in my home for such a special day, well this will go down as one of the most memorable Thanksgivings I have ever had! Today’s post comes from that great evening.

He would fuck with her mind, day in and day out. Over the years this wore on her much like a a slow nagging head ache at first, that eventually turns into a blinding migraine. She never knew where she stood with him and that’s how he’d control her;or at least he was under the impression that he was winning in his wicked, manipulative games. Every damn word she spoke, he’d twist. You know that silly childhood game,Twister? Well, he invented the mind twist. He was the master of it. Just when she thought  she was standing on the yellow dots, he’d flip the card board spinner and she’d be fooled once more.

At times she thought she was losing her mind and that’s how he liked it. Then one day after umpteen years of living  with the Twisted Mister, who tried to turn her into a Twisted Sister, she woke right up; and decided to flip the old card board spinner on him.. Oh shit! He was sorely pissed when he caught on. Oh hell, she’d broke his spell and now he was truly lost. She walked away one fresh spring morning with her head held high. Her smile, that radiant smile that Twisted Mister tried to permanently vanish  from her pretty face, was  back on for good. She didn’t have to paint it on anymore-people who saw her could tell she smiled and meant it now. The glimmer in her dark brown eyes had returned too.

She twisted him up all right. Now he stood there tied up in knots like an old, stale sour dough pretzel. He wore on his face a grim expression. He hated her more now than when they first met.

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


It’s a Mad,Mad,Mad,World!

She’s twerking-

in front of the masses

Her adoring fans look on

Some in disgust

Others just guffaw


MTV is not for music anymore

Mom and jackass TV is more like it

Young teens having babies

And the media glamorizes it


Ben Affleck will be the next Bat Man

Is splashed across the internet

Is the head line maker

Really? Seriously?! Who the hell cares!


Meanwhile mid night raids are happening

In remote,far away places

Drones taking out villages

Villagers killed in their sleep wearing expressionless faces


It’s a mad,mad,mad world!

The media wamts us all dumb

It’s a mad,mad,mad,world!

They want us all on prescription meds-looking and feeling glum


It’s a mad,mad,mad world!

Don’t trust mary the iguana

She’ll kill you

She’s the gate way drug

Like the Pied Piper of Hamlin

She’ll lead your children astray


It’s a mad,mad,mad, world!

When men call evil, good

When men call good, evil

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


Llegaste Tu

El deseo entró en mi ser como un atardecer

¿Dónde está?

¿Dónde está?

Esa soledad que intentó matarme

Allí, allí, desapareció

Cuando llegaste, mi amor

Cuando viniste con esa sonrisa

Viniste y tocaste mi corazón, despertandolo, descongelandolo a cabo

Y yo no puedo evitarlo

Es una lucha que sigo perdiendo

Entonces has venido y con una sola mirada

Mi corazón está en un rugido hasta

Atrapado lejos como en un trance

Llegaste … por fin llegaste!

Eva Santiago copyright 2013


Desire came into my being like a sunset

Where is it?

Where is it?

That loneliness that tried to kill me

There, there, it vanished

When you came, my love

When you came with that smile

You came and you touched my heart; awakening, thawing it out

And I can not help myself

It’s a fight that I keep losing

Then you came and  with one glance

My heart’s in an up roar

Caught away as in a trance

You came … you finally came you!

Eva Santiago copyright 2013


There is a place where no one knows if it’s day or night because it’s always light.

There is a place where no one cries because there is no more fight.

There is a place where no one dies
Because no one speaks any more lies
There is a place
There is a place
Where there is no fear
Because heaven is near
There is a place
Oh there is a place
Where the fires of passion burn
Where your longings churn
And nothing gets held back
And no one is slack

There is a place
Where lovers stop time
Give in to the chase
Where lovers stop time
See eye to eye-face to face
Lips on lips
Hand in hand
THIS is that place!

-Eva Santiago copyright 2013




This is THAT place!




365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 127

I went to a get together last night and I met this young woman. It was her birthday and her appearance inspired me to write this poem in her honor. This is my “picture” of the day. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday and as you prepare for your week, be thankful for everything you have and everyone in your life 🙂


You peer at me through a maze of hair,
your eyes are dark, crying in despair.
You wonder if I care.
As you peek at me through your maze of hair,
your demons roar from the lion’s lair.
I know deep down,
no one in your short life has ever been fair.
You peek at me through your maze of hair,
your eyes looking at mine- a sacred stare.
Baby, I wish I could hold you.
Baby, I wish to tell you I care.
Baby, I want to soothe you-
wanna let you know I’m there.

What happened to you- I ponder and wonder,
to make you hide behind all your hair.
Your scars you wear on your face,
a cry for help from a soul in disrepair.
Your mask is your hair.
Your demons peer at me from the lion’s lair.
Our eyes connect for a moment- in a sacred stare.
Your cuts in your flesh,the slashes on your face,
you bleed out your pain,
but there’s one who’s already taken your place.
You’re numb.
You say you don’t feel anything.
You’re numb.
You say you don’t care.

But as you hide in your maze of hair,
I know you think opposite.
You hide in your maze of hair,
‘cause all inside is a big ‘ole mess,
broken to bits and in disrepair,
waiting for someone to sort out the mess.
Your demons scream from the lion’s lair,
they call out to stay away-
“Don’t you come near- don’t even dare!”
Your demons are numb.
Your demons are dumb.
They have no power.
In the dark they cower.

As you hide behind all of your hair,
the light has come,
darkness cannot mingle with light.
Light apprehends the night.
And the demons no longer fight.

Eva Santiago © 2012


Snap Shots Of Life Blog Challenge Day: 47

When my son turned 12 he received a desert tortoise. One of our neighbors learned of my son’s fascination with such creatures and he gave it to him. A few days later someone stole Snap from our front porch where we kept him. That was a sad day for my son and even though he was a good sport about it  he never got over it.

This past Saturday our next door neighbors found a desert tortoise in their front yard and they gave him to my son. I was so happy for him. So todays’ picture is a tribute to our new family member, Chucho.




Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 46


I enjoy capturing the before and after of things. I took this photo of the Mike O’Callaghan Pat Tillman Memorial bridge as it was going up. The next photo is a limited view of the finished project. One freaky thing about this bridge is that when there is a lot of traffic on it, you can feel the bridge sway a little under your feet. I’m not sure if it’s the sensation of being so high up or maybe its all in my head. One thing is certain, when my kids and I go to look at it, we can’t wait to get back down to firm ground.

Mike O'Callaghan Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

-Eva Santiago copyright 2012

The Bridge Across Forever

Is there a bridge across forever?

The bridge across forever,

you get there after traveling a while.

The people you travel with,

those who help you hold it together;

they wait for you,

on the bridge across forever.

Who ever it was you think you lost,

whoever you think you left behind;

they’re waiting for you-

on the bridge across forever.

Once there you’ll do a lot of looking;

you’ll  look in the past,

you’ll look in the present…

your future awaits you…on the bridge across forever.

Eva Santiago Copyright 2011

He Wept Sore

And he wept sore,

he knew he could do no more.

He wept sore,

he knew not,

what was in store.

He wept sore,

he knew not a lot,

but he did know the score.

He wept sore;

the one he claimed to love,

she picked up and walked out the front door.

He wept sore,

he wept long and hard,

then he crumbled and fell on the floor.

Eva Santiago Copyright 2011

Part Three

Who is up for some States/ World Capitals Bingo? This game I came up with to teach my kids U.S. States and World capitals. Using some plain white card stock  I designed a two sided board; on one side are the names of U.S. Capitals and on the other side are various capital cities from around the world. For chips I cut up red card stock paper into small squares.
The object of the game is to get a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row of capitals and then you call out Bingo!  I have written then names of all the states and different countries on small cards. Once I call out the state or country the first student to raise their hand can answer and if he is correct, he has to look up the city he said as his answer on our Rand McNally Classroom World Atlas. Then we continue until the first player calls Bingo!