Part Two

Building with Legos is a serious business
around my home. My 13 year old son and
his 10 year old sister have been playing
with Legos for years. They have built a
whole world of Legos and they dubbed it
LEGOLAND. My son can go on the Lego
web site, look at the schematics for a Lego
car model for a few seconds and then a few
hours later, he’s built the same car from
What’s really going one underneath all
that playing? Well for starters, building
with Legos teaches problem solving. It
allows for creativity which leads to some
great inventions! And also I believe there
are things going on in the child’s brain
that defy labeling. So next time your child
is engrossed with Legos, don’t pull her
away from them, go buy her another few
hundred blocks and encourage this type of



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