School Defined

I am so excited to be here sharing about one of my passions in life. I love to teach and my decision to stay at home in order to home school my 4 kids was the best career decision I ever made. My husband and I met when I was still a college student and as we dated, he told me one day that he could see me teaching our kids if we ever decided to get married and start a family. I was flabbergasted because I really didn’t see myself as he was seeing me. So I finished college, we took the plunge, we got married, started our family and I made a career change, one that I have never regretted.
So here I am 16 years later and I’m starting on this new venture; a blog about home schooling! Have you ever wondered what the word SCHOOL means? One day a few years back while I was helping my kids with some of their school work we decided to look it up in The Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary; School, n.[OE.scole, AS.sclu, L.schola, Gr. leisure, that in which leisure is employed, disputation, lecture, a school, probably from the same root as , the original sense being perhaps, a stopping, a resting.
Something occurred to me as I read that particular definition of the word school. I began to see that children learn best in an environment where they aren’t being rushed to learn subjects that they may not be ready to grasp. Look back to your own school days. Can you remember learning a new concept in any subject and the frustration that came when you didn’t get it and then the teacher had to move on to the next new topic and then you felt completely lost? That was my experience in a lot of the math and science classes.
The good news is that home schooling caters to each childs’ individual style of learning. Whether you have 1 or 10 kids, each one of them learns at a different rate and in a different way; home schooling allows for children to learn in a leisurely way without the pressure of being forced to move on to higher levels of comprehension that he or she may not be ready for.
Enjoy your day, enjoy your life and enjoy teaching your kid/kids!

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