Yeshua said, “Watch and pray…”

Did you ever stop to ponder what He was saying by that? The definition of watch is to be observant and to pray means to speak to God/Source. In religious circles we are taught to close our eyes when we speak to Source/God. I know it’s a personal preference people have but I was always one of those asking but why did Yeshua say to watch as you talk to Source/God?

When we watch we are involved in a different way. We can actually engage our sight and use it to aid us in speaking commands as we are lead to; you can use The Bible as a good starting point if you don’t know how or what to command.

Having been made in the image of our Creator, who authoritatively speaks everything into existence for manifestation; why are more people not practicing using their voice to exercise their dominating influence over things they want to see actualized? It takes a certain amount of bold faith to actually know that your utterance is a powerful instrument in the creating of this new reality we are all walking into.

Finally, keep in mind that we are being censored in every way imaginable because the enemy knows how powerful your expression is.

I encourage you to start using your own voice as you watch and speak with Source/God and notice when He validates you afterwards!


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BRAVERY HOLO/https://www.thecompanyofheavenofficial.com/free-holograms

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