Yeshua said, “Watch and pray…”

Did you ever stop to ponder what He was saying by that? The definition of watch is to be observant and to pray means to speak to God/Source. In religious circles we are taught to close our eyes when we speak to Source/God. I know it’s a personal preference people have but I was always one of those asking but why did Yeshua say to watch as you talk to Source/God?

When we watch we are involved in a different way. We can actually engage our sight and use it to aid us in speaking commands as we are lead to; you can use The Bible as a good starting point if you don’t know how or what to command.

Having been made in the image of our Creator, who authoritatively speaks everything into existence for manifestation; why are more people not practicing using their voice to exercise their dominating influence over things they want to see actualized? It takes a certain amount of bold faith to actually know that your utterance is a powerful instrument in the creating of this new reality we are all walking into.

Finally, keep in mind that we are being censored in every way imaginable because the enemy knows how powerful your expression is.

I encourage you to start using your own voice as you watch and speak with Source/God and notice when He validates you afterwards!


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We are called to be the manifestation of SOURCE/God here on earth. Some of us are His eyes and ears; seeing and hearing in order to bring His message to those who aren’t able to see or hear Him for themselves ,yet. Still others of us are called to be His hands and feet; ready to go wherever He leads us to heal or lend a helping hand.

Wherever you are in your own personal journey with SOURCE/God, KNOW that your ultimate destination is to KNOW Him fully. This is how we bring people closer to our Creator:

My 24 year old son kept getting upset with me; he confides in me and we have great talks. Unbeknownst to me I’d been offending him because lately I’d remind him to “get closer to God”. Where’s the harm in that ,right? Well, I was telling him what he already knew he had to do and no one appreciates that! I was grieved as I realized that he felt misunderstood by me. We kept hitting the same dead-end in our most recent conversations. Yesterday as I watched him prepare for a business trip I heard,

” Apologize to your son and validate him.” I dropped everything I was doing and I walked up to him and I said,

“Hey son, I’m sorry for coming across in any kind of religious way to you. That’s never been my intention, I just keep telling you what you already know and I see how that can be annoying to you when you’re already doing your best. Please forgive me?…”

My son’s whole demeanor transformed right before my eyes. He too apologized for some of the hurtful things he had been hurling at me as he lashed out in frustration when he felt I wasn’t getting him. We hugged and as we did, we both felt a huge breakthrough in our communication.

We can’t be arrogant in our dealings with others. If someone you are called to be eyes/ears, hands/feet to is not getting it, step back and see them, hear them. In this way we become ALL things to ALL people.


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Reality seems loud

It seems messy

It seems awkward because most people are accustomed to saying and doing things under false pretenses…

The way we stay together as a family ,as friends and as couples is through:

COMMUNIcaTIon…Communication creates, sustains and maintains COMMUNITY

Yes, healthy distance is helpful

Healthy boundaries are essential however, DO NOT go hiding behind them when it’s time to interact and speak in order to work things out!

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

For everything there is a season, a right time for every intention under heaven…

A time to keep silent and a time to speak…

Eva Santiago ©2023


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She thought the menacing clouds in the distant horizon could only mean one thing: Her certain destruction. She feared being obliterated in to oblivion. So Rosalma battened down the hatches of her sail boat and prepared for the worst. Oh she had seen it coming from afar for a while. Having been in control of her situations all of her life she always knew what to do. But there was something different with these dark clouds she kept seeing approaching closer everyday; esta tormenta es distinta, this storm is different, she told herself. She knew it was bigger than any rain storm she’d ever experienced before. Rosalma knew it, could feel it down to her core. But she decided not to run. She knew whatever came, even if she were to be stripped of her sails and tossed about in turbulent waters, she’d make it…at least she asked SOURCE every night for strength.

The day the deluge came started out in a strange calm. Rosalma looked out of her 2nd story bedroom window and she knew the light breeze and sun playing in the clouds above were lies. She had seen what was coming. Suddenly the day grew overcast and the thunder rolled. Her heart skipped a beat. Should she stay and weather the storm or go out to meet it face to face?

She gathered her long copper toned locks in a messy pony tail, threw on her fisherman’s sweater over her jeans and boots; grabbed her back pack and headed out to the marina. The clouds were building and the hues of grey changed constantly from grey to charcoal; reflecting her fears.  Undaunted, Rosalma ,  was going for it. She knew in the storm lay her destiny.

Vamomos Chica! GO girl, she encouraged herself. She found her sail boat; she’d christened her ALMA after her abuela, grandma who’d walked the earth for 98 years and taught Rosalma all about the storm. Rosalma headed out in Alma to find her soul’s purpose.

The water was choppy and the air now nippy. Rosalma tightened her raincoat a bit more snugly around her petite 5.2 frame. The water was merciless and kept over powering the deck. But, Rosalma kept on. She knew destiny’s end was ahead and staying where it’s safe would never get her there.

Soon enough the storm was beating Rosalma up and knocking her around, with  fists the size of the Hulk’s. Every time she thought it would let up, the struggle intensified. She desperately looked up for any sign of her tomentor letting up and the storm today seemed relentless. It wasn’t quitting and neither was Rosalma.
Mid storm Rosalma’s spirit was sinking. She thirsted and no drop of water could satiate it. Water everywhere and none of it could quench. Water everywhere and nothing to stop the stench of hell’s flames. She wept and couldn’t tell where her tears began or ended. Her eyes swollen from the storm’s continuous beatings, felt like she was blind. She wanted to just lay there and give up and admit defeat on Alma’s deck. Who would blame her for quitting? Obviously this storm no man woman or child could overcome. So the minutes slipped away and her soul with them.

Until a light came from a light house. It was far off but the light shining from it was undeniable. Rosalma shot up to her feet. She steadied herself by grabbing on to a side rail. All of the sails on Alma now torn to bits; which hung on like rags on a homeless person. Her soul knew how that felt.
She had seen the light ; though it was faint, she knew her destination to Port Désirée was just ahead. Through the rain storm came peace.

So what now? ALMA was not tossed about anymore. The storm’s rage was lessening and the wind no longer howled in distress. The light tower was in full view straight ahead. Rosalma shook a little inside. What lay ahead for her? She had left it all behind; brought absolutely no baggage on this journey. She wanted to travel light and get places faster. But now with all that was familiar to her gone, she knew not what she’d face next.

Through the rain storm came peace and Rosalma knew it was all well worth facing the storm that threatened to finish her off as it had done to so many of her ancestors. This new place was like a new addiction she could not deny. The light here seemed blinding only becase she had been in doom and gloom for so long. Rosalma was here to stay. This new place of color and no grey was where she would stay…

-Eva Santiago ©2012 ©2023


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A Million Nows

Now’s all we’ve got 

So stop thinking about the other day and someday

Or your mind will rot

In a fetid, decaying pot

Nothing is ever really just as it seems

Don’t let your life unravel at the seams

Hold yourself together with sheer will- with all of your might

Whatever you do, hold the fuck on!

It’s never, ever an easy ride

It was never meant to be, ya know?

Take a picture of this now

It’ll serve as your memory in your new reality 

Make it your absolute greatest shot

 Aim to: help others ascend 

This is the NOW life

For fuck’s sake, live it NOW!

Your new life comes from having mastered your million nows.

Eva Santiago © 2016, ©2023


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Dear people who were spared  and did not take the _AXX: It’s not our job to judge our fellow human beings who did so. We’re all at different levels of ascension ;if you consider yourself as better than someone who fell for that lie, what does that say about you?

I was amongst the many who were taunted and jeered, when I would go into a public place unmasked. I could see real fear in plain view peering at me through the  eyes of the masked face who was berating me; their virtue signaling and humiliating stares fell flat. So freakin’ what? Weren’t some of us taught to turn the other cheek: to forgive them for they know not what they do, neither do they know Him?

Even when the fight was in my own home amongst my family members, I was faced with having to apply those same principles of faith. Like many of us, I was even mocked by some of my adult children when I was so bold as to opt out of masking up when we would go out together; setting me straight and implying they didn’t want to be seen with a tin foil hat wearer.

But I knew as I continue to KNOW whose I am and I refused to punch back because the insults of those insulting me fell on Him, KJS , who took it all in my stead and still does so to this day! So I never defended myself  because I consider myself to be in close union with Him, who fights my battles for me when I stand back fully TRUSTING Him.

Having done ALL in my power, I’ve stood and let my Redeemer validate me. I was even considered a nut job when I’d hug my masked and booster-ed clients when they’d openly share their trepidation and panic; wondering  if they had chosen the right option not only for themselves and for their children. I have held them in my arms, regardless of their shedding status and gave them a quiet hug instead of harsh critiques.

We ALL must be stepping up our LOVE WALK, now more than at any time in our history! We won’t heal the masses using mere words.



That’s what we’re called to BE and DO right now!

I hope to see you joining the ranks of those of us already doing so!!

Love and light to my earth fam!

Eva Santiago © 2023


Will They EVER?

Until very recently there was a time in my life when I actually thought, ‘Man, when are my kids gonna grow up?…are they growing up?…will they ever?’

Time has indeed answered those three very worrisome questions and I’m quite thankful and well pleased with the outcome!

My best advice I can give if anyone were to ever ask me, concerning their children’s arrival at maturity is this:

DO NOT wish for them to grow up before their time!

DO NOT rob them of their fleeting childhood. Let them be children as long as they are called to be that. Just like it’s unnatural to expect a fruit tree to bear fruit before it’s reached its season; your children are no different .Yes, DO train and discipline as needed. However, in their developing years allow room for them to make mistakes as those are life’s best teachers. Let them fail and when they do, be there, offering them grace, mercy and forgiveness. Forgive them, forgive yourself and encourage them to forgive themselves too.

Give them the lesson, let them put  to practice what you taught them in the lesson. Then when they are ready and you know they are prepared enough, give them the test, then walk away and observe them as they take the test. If they pass the test, GREAT! If they barely squeaked by or failed miserably, regroup and reassess, review the lesson, allow for more practice, then test once more. Also, don’t forget to model the principle you are teaching them as best as you can!

Train up a child IN THE WAY he should go and when he is OLD, he’ll not depart from it. I chose this proverb as a guide for me when I was training my children and it keeps manifesting in their lives over and over! Trust God/SOURCE with your children, He is faithful to complete the work He began in them!




Do you love yourself?

You have to love yourself in a healthy, balanced manner. You can’t give to others what you don’t have. When you reject yourself, your setbacks grow worse.How do you overcome that? You must go to the root of the problem and learn to accept yourself, fully.

Not liking yourself causes you to blame others for your mishaps. Surrender your weaknesses to SOURCE/ God and work on your strengths. Admit to your flaws but don’t focus on them. Let Source help you grow instead. Don’t hide what you aren’t good at. The people you need to help you, will manifest. BE who you are and let others be who they are. Lighten up and allow others to be themselves! SOURCE/ God would rather that you be someone who makes mistakes and has a right heart, than someone who has a perfect record of performance.

What you DO is not who you are; you are loved for both! Instead of always saying, ‘I’m weird’ why don’t you change it up and say, ‘I’m fearfully and wonderfully made and that makes me unique!’ Some people don’t like themselves and they don’t know it; they are distant from themselves.

Eva Santiago ©2023


Now more so than in past years the call to come up higher is here for all of us.” He who  has eyes to see, let him see; he who has ears to hear, let him hear.” I have been wondering some things about spiritual gifts that The Bible says exist for us. Have you ever wondered if there are more gifts than what religion has taught us? With God/SOURCE being such a benevolent FATHER  who only gives us good and perfect gifts for our own betterment and well being; why would He not continue to give us more advanced gifts so as to carry on His work here through us?  Yeshua told His followers that they would do these and GREATER works in HIS name. What’s happening that we aren’t seeing greater miracles and wonders? Or what if we are, it’s just that they are happening outside the accepted religious circles of our day?

I grew up going to church and then as a young adult I went to a charismatic community where I learned all about God’s gifts and I was super excited when I realized I could operate in several spiritual gifts so long as God/SOURCE allows me to. I grew dissatisfied in church when I saw the religious leaders wanting to suppress and control what I knew I had received through The Holy Spirit. Some of the gifts I received are the gift of healing, speaking in tongues, prophecy, the gift of faith, dream interpretation, the gift of teaching and others, those are the main ones I operate in; all because I asked! Ask and you shall receive…

As time has passed I have received other tools, physical healing tools that I know for a fact come from above as every good and perfect gift comes from SOURCE/The Father. As I have learned to use these wands, cubes and a wide variety of frequency infused healing tools, I have seen people healed and restored right before my very eyes!

Lately I have asked Source/ God if a gift like speaking in tongues is still relevant and I get a definite yes. Sometimes I speak in tongues as I use my healing wands. I have also been quoting scriptures I’ve memorized, and have seen their power manifest; now imagine taking those very SPIRIT  words and charging them with PURE SOURCE ENERGY and watching them manifest in real time! That is the POWER being made available to us at this very moment.

“And we KNOW that ALL things work TOGETHER for GOOD to them that LOVE SOURCE/God and are called according to HIS purpose.” Folks, ALL our giftings are very needed at this moment in our history! Be bold in your FAITH and KNOW that something greater than we have been taught does indeed exist right now and step up and ask God/SOURCE for MORE! He is faithful to do exceedingly beyond what any of us can imagine! All He requires of you is that you have faith/TRUST the size of a tiny mustard seed…

Eva Santiago ©2023