Love Requires Relationship

Love Requires Relationship

How love dies:

When selfishness stabs it repeatedly

When betrayal bares ugly baby twins: Fear and Doubt

When truth is incessantly violated by a violent violator

Lies kill love quicker than Jaws devoured  the flesh of a hundred victims

Crooked hearts fuck up tender hearts

Everything must die for anything to matter

And thus, lost love is found

Better to have been found than to stay perpetually lost

Independence kills love;

Love dies at the hand of lovers committing a million acts of independence

Love requires relationship:

To deny love of such, is to put your lover’s soul into an eternal state of spiritual anorexia

Love dies from careless lies whispered in the dark

Love dies when you unravel its mystery…



The best tears you cry is when you’re alone. When you cry in some one else’s presence, you feel compelled to explain away how you feel.. The other person feels helpless . Both of you are sad. When you cry alone, you are just being YOU at your most vulnerable and that is good.

No fanfare

No pity

No explaining to do

Just cry it out…

Best places to shed your tears?

Out in the cold rain

In a hot bath/shower

In the warm ocean

Your tears return home in these familiar places

Worst places to shed your tears?

In front of people because most of the time, they don’t know what to do or say…people want to know why. Sometimes whys are not forthcoming.

Eva Santiago copyright 2014

Mirror, Mirror…

Mirror, Mirror…

I look into the mirror and what do I see?

A new creation

the old has been swept away into the sea-

of forgetfulness.

I have a new role to fill;the old one is obsolete,

it has been swept away

into the sea of forgetfulness,

nothing new exists there,only the old.

I look into the mirror and what do I see?

A new creation who trusts in You more than before.

It’s not a blind trust but a quiet certainty.

a steadfast determination from way deep inside;

a knowing You’ll see me through.

Gone are the old worries, fears and tears,

they tried so long to alienate and annihilate my soul.

Now I know for sure you have it all under control.

From my inception

came so much corruption and deception-

the worst of my enemies.

They fought hard to keep me blind and hopeless.

My blind guides led me to a pit of distress.

 The past has no eyes.

Looking back there for direction is  useless.

The past is an old sage holding up signs,

warning me of the paths I’ve tread on before

and reminding me those I should now avoid.

From my past I only take the good:

memories to warm and comfort,

 on my journey forward.

On my left and right my two loyal friends-


During the worst of times

 I hoped against Hope,

while Faith carried me on her strong shoulders.

Before God builds a new creation,

He sweeps away the old debris.

A new foundation must rest upon solid new ground.

He doesn’t search in the rubble or debris,

those He cast into the sea.

A single cornerstone He saves:

My Faith.

Up ahead I see  brighter days.

God never REBUILDS;

for to re- anything is a do over,

from a pre-existing plan.

 The Master Builder employs  His own blue print:


Mirror, Mirror on the wall,

I see me no longer

fearful, worried or angry.

 Mirror, Mirror on the wall,

 I like the new me…

I  smile at myself and I’m standing tall!


Eva Santiago Copyright 2011 

Doubt, Doubt

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Doubt Doubt,
you make me ,
you make me pout.
You are a mouse.
Oh I feel quite frumpy,
when I listen to you,
I become a louse.

Doubt Doubt,
and I get nowhere.

Doubt, Doubt,
and I’ll pull all my hair out.

For you see,
doubt IS a tool;
I’m on to you!
I’m nobody’s fool.

Doubt is a sure sign
that I won’t quit or resign.
Doubt proves that I believe,
in something way bigger.

So get out of my way,
don’t come knocking at my door.
You come to visit,
but you can not stay.
I will never listen,
to anything doubt has to say.

Eva Santiago copyright 2009



We are a nation made up of people of faith. Christopher Columbus came to The New World because his faith told him contrary to what the experts of his day dictated. The Puritans came by faith. Other explorers followed after because of their faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things unseen. Every immigrant who has set out  from their country of origin has been led by their faith; a faith that hopes for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The evidence of that faith is seen when you come to the U.S. as an immigrant and God blesses you so that you can be a blessing to others.
People of faith began this nation; they fought and many shed their blood for this nation. And it’s going to take today’s people of faith to restore the U.S.A.. Pray for The U.S.A.!