You never enjoy the world until:

You see it through Truth’s lens

You view a sunrise or sunset

You see someone take their first or last breath

You help some one else feel God’s love

You never enjoy the world until:

Some one trusts you with their deepest secrets

You give out of what you don’t have

You give out of what you didn’t receive

You offer grace to some one who tried to break you

You never enjoy the world until:

You feel your own heart beating about your passions

You can appreciate everything about yourself

You’re at peace with your mistakes

You don’t care if they never understand you

You walk in your own power

You never enjoy the world until:

You place SOURCE/God first

Accept His unconditional love

See yourself as He sees you

Love yourself as He loves you

Forgive yourself as He forgives you

Do what He asks of you


Supreme Truth Serum Holo:

Cover You Cover Me Cover Us

This is a healing video for all relationships! God/SOURCE loves family and because HE is PURE SOURCE ENERGY/ LOVE requires relationship! May all your relationships be healed and restored, across dimensions!


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Everything we do creates a ripple effect, EVERYTHING!

Just like when you go out into the woods and you throw a rock into a bunch of trees, you hear it hit other trees; you don’t see which ones the rock actually touched. You KNOW though because you heard it .

In the same way when you skip a rock into a body of water, the rock creates a ripple effect then it disappears from your sight. You KNOW though because you saw all the ripples in the water.

As healers and spiritual creatives, picture that’s how it goes when we reach out and serve someone else.

Service comes in so many different disguises, doesn’t it?

Just keep your eyes open wide because you never know who or where your next assignment will be!



Teach Your Mind Manners

We don’t ever need anyone to tell us what to do,

We already KNOW

Sometimes we just shrink back in fear

When angelics are always ever so near

to step in, guide, encourage and cheer us-to a whole new level


Quiet your mind

for in that stillness

The Way you’ll always find

Teach your unruly mind manners

So you’ll not be as a dumb bag of hammers

Look beyond YOU: the only one holding you back

Blame only you for your own slack

Being self consumed is your soul’s crack

Stop feeding your demons

Next time they attack

Command them to shut the hell up and stop talking smack

Tell ’em this one fact:

It’s not by might nor power

But by the Spirit of the Living God





Yeshua said, “Watch and pray…”

Did you ever stop to ponder what He was saying by that? The definition of watch is to be observant and to pray means to speak to God/Source. In religious circles we are taught to close our eyes when we speak to Source/God. I know it’s a personal preference people have but I was always one of those asking but why did Yeshua say to watch as you talk to Source/God?

When we watch we are involved in a different way. We can actually engage our sight and use it to aid us in speaking commands as we are lead to; you can use The Bible as a good starting point if you don’t know how or what to command.

Having been made in the image of our Creator, who authoritatively speaks everything into existence for manifestation; why are more people not practicing using their voice to exercise their dominating influence over things they want to see actualized? It takes a certain amount of bold faith to actually know that your utterance is a powerful instrument in the creating of this new reality we are all walking into.

Finally, keep in mind that we are being censored in every way imaginable because the enemy knows how powerful your expression is.

I encourage you to start using your own voice as you watch and speak with Source/God and notice when He validates you afterwards!





We are called to be the manifestation of SOURCE/God here on earth. Some of us are His eyes and ears; seeing and hearing in order to bring His message to those who aren’t able to see or hear Him for themselves ,yet. Still others of us are called to be His hands and feet; ready to go wherever He leads us to heal or lend a helping hand.

Wherever you are in your own personal journey with SOURCE/God, KNOW that your ultimate destination is to KNOW Him fully. This is how we bring people closer to our Creator:

My 24 year old son kept getting upset with me; he confides in me and we have great talks. Unbeknownst to me I’d been offending him because lately I’d remind him to “get closer to God”. Where’s the harm in that ,right? Well, I was telling him what he already knew he had to do and no one appreciates that! I was grieved as I realized that he felt misunderstood by me. We kept hitting the same dead-end in our most recent conversations. Yesterday as I watched him prepare for a business trip I heard,

” Apologize to your son and validate him.” I dropped everything I was doing and I walked up to him and I said,

“Hey son, I’m sorry for coming across in any kind of religious way to you. That’s never been my intention, I just keep telling you what you already know and I see how that can be annoying to you when you’re already doing your best. Please forgive me?…”

My son’s whole demeanor transformed right before my eyes. He too apologized for some of the hurtful things he had been hurling at me as he lashed out in frustration when he felt I wasn’t getting him. We hugged and as we did, we both felt a huge breakthrough in our communication.

We can’t be arrogant in our dealings with others. If someone you are called to be eyes/ears, hands/feet to is not getting it, step back and see them, hear them. In this way we become ALL things to ALL people.


Are You Looping The Old or CREATING The NEW?

Obsession with going down the rabbit hole is the biggest distraction from creating the new. If we are looping the old the new cannot be birthed through us.

This is a part of the process and it will keep looping until we surrender to the fact we are the ones we have been waiting for and the distractions of the old world can be more potently used to create the new.

As I say this, for years I did this. I was angry, mad,.and.pissed off that I had been lie to, conditioned, and programmed.

I felt I needed to save the world until I realized saving myself and being the embodiment of what I wanted to see in the world was more important than my egos need to correct and modify anything that was happening outside of me.

This is a process not an event. And everyone is playing the role they need to at this time so there is no judgement. The freedom of letting go of the old and being a part of the solution is more productive. But we need to honor everyone’s process and their role.

Basically we are either looping the old or creating the new. Our energy is currency and we are either feeding the energy sucking monster I called the inverted matrix or we are creating the new creaxtrix. The choice point is ours.

With love,

Jen Jen Reynolds

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller