A New Day

Stepping into a new day when they tell us we are all gonna die is not easy to do

But the โ€œtheysโ€ of the world are being exposed on a grand scale these days, so itโ€™s up to each person to decipher the bullshit web of lies ;and instead allow TRUTH to strike and disintegrate the deceptions.

So the choice is ours: Do we believe the falsehoods the โ€œtheysโ€ feed us or, we can choose to dance on the embers of their weak-ass lies

Letโ€™s end this sadness today and light a match to rekindle the freedom,that comes from staring into TRUTHโ€™s brilliance; beckoning us all to rise up from the ashes of all their dragons we have slayed!

Eva Santiago ยฉ 2021