A Million Nows

Now’s all we’ve got 

So stop thinking about the other day and someday

Or your mind will rot

In a fetid, decaying pot

Nothing is ever really just as it seems

Don’t let your life unravel at the seams

Hold yourself together with sheer will- with all of your might

Whatever you do, hold the fuck on!

It’s never, ever an easy ride

It was never meant to be, ya know?

Take a picture of this now

It’ll serve as your memory in your new reality 

Make it your absolute greatest shot

 Aim to: help others ascend 

This is the NOW life

For fuck’s sake, live it NOW!

Your new life comes from having mastered your million nows.

Eva Santiago © 2016, ©2023


AWARENESS HOLO https://www.thecompanyofheavenofficial.com/
UPGRADE HOLO https://www.thecompanyofheavenofficial.com/
SUPERNATURAL INTELLIGENCE HOLO https://www.thecompanyofheavenofficial.com/

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