365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 108



Mojave Desert  Showers

I like the sound of rain,
it makes me feel like dancin’,
Sube y Baja (Up and down),
Pa’ riba pa’bajo (Side to side),
Ooh yeah, the rain it makes me dance inside,
saturates my soul,
fills me with delight.
Agua santa, pura y ( Holy water, clean and pure),
Me llena de esperanza (I’m alive with hope),
Se me alegra el Corazon (My heart has found the cure).
The rain drops: Diamonds from heaven,
out in this desolation,
washes over and refreshes
lonely, lowly ,anguished souls.
Diamonds falling from the sky:
Psshh, psshh,psshh,
Sshhm sshh, sshh,
Trssh, trssh, trrrssh,
Music to my ears-
makes me feel like singin’,
songs of sheer delight.
The sound of rain,
moves me in thanksgivin’,
to the one who sent me diamonds from the sky.

Eva Santiago © 2002

6 thoughts on “365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 108

  1. Having lived in Brazil where it poured 6-12 inches daily, I love rain and the sound of it. More than that, I love being saturated by it. Your line, “it saturates my soul fills me with delight” is right on. Loved this post! 😀 Your blogs are always a delight to read. I love coming here. 🙂


    1. Once again I’m humbled by the fact that what I do here keeps my readers coming back. By the way, I’m part Brazilian and I LOVED the parts I visited back in 1993. Thanks again for your lovely words of encouragement 🙂 ! My readers ROCK!!!!


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