365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 138

Yay! It’s Pinterest Thursday..yeah right, it’s I got nothing but these pics for you if truth be told 🙂 It’s 100 degrees out here in the grand Mojave Desert and folks, we’re just in pre-heat! Back into my cave I go ’til this goes away end of September or so! Aye, todo lo que  converso me sale en verso…that was the Spanish version of, I’m a poet and I know it 🙂 Enjoy these quotes!

365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 129

When I first came out to this desert 12 years ago, I didn’t know what to expect. It was spring when we arrived and the desert was in full bloom bursting with an artist’s palette of hues everywhere. Color speaks to me and the desert was welcoming me! I had never seen purple cactus and they delighted me. I mentioned to my friend,” Do you think someone painted those?” He laughed and shook his head.

I live in an unforgiving terrain that is the Mojave desert. Yet it’s here where I’ve encountered God in His simplicity. Even though the land is harsh and unforgiving, it reminds me that God is gentle and all forgiving. The dryness of this desert is merciless and yet God’s mercies rain down on me daily and they are new every morning and without fail.

The Spirit lead Jesus out into the desert to test Him. Could it be that God calls on certain individuals only, to live in the desert? It takes some one with a different mind-set and make up to dwell out here. Lots of people come to visit, not many stay for long though. I’m convinced it takes a special lowliness to live here. A meekness and humility- the kind like the sparrow has. God watches over the sparrows and he watches over me closely because He knows what it takes for me to make it out here.

Eva Santiago © 2012







365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 108



Mojave Desert  Showers

I like the sound of rain,
it makes me feel like dancin’,
Sube y Baja (Up and down),
Pa’ riba pa’bajo (Side to side),
Ooh yeah, the rain it makes me dance inside,
saturates my soul,
fills me with delight.
Agua santa, pura y ( Holy water, clean and pure),
Me llena de esperanza (I’m alive with hope),
Se me alegra el Corazon (My heart has found the cure).
The rain drops: Diamonds from heaven,
out in this desolation,
washes over and refreshes
lonely, lowly ,anguished souls.
Diamonds falling from the sky:
Psshh, psshh,psshh,
Sshhm sshh, sshh,
Trssh, trssh, trrrssh,
Music to my ears-
makes me feel like singin’,
songs of sheer delight.
The sound of rain,
moves me in thanksgivin’,
to the one who sent me diamonds from the sky.

Eva Santiago © 2002