365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 90

A few weeks ago I was sunning myself in my back yard. It was around 2 in the afternoon and I was thinking that I’m so glad to live in a desert climate where the winters are mild and I can enjoy the sun, while my relatives who live back in the midwest are freezing their butts off 🙂 The yard was quiet when suddenly I looked  up and saw the most wonderful creature hovering just 3 feet from where I sat.

My hummingbird, as I’ve called him since then, just stared at me in flight and we beheld each other for several seconds, neither of us afraid  and at perfect peace with one another. Time stood suspended for an instant. I held my breath, afraid that if I exhaled, he would leave. Then as quickly as he came, he was gone. He flew to a nearby Oleander bush and I begged him to come back. I wanted to hold on to the moment but he was done. I looked at him high up on the bush and I said good-bye knowing it was over.

That moment I’ll never forget and I immediately called my Mama and told her about it. She told me that because I’m such a calm person my good energy drew him to me. I like that!

My son loves how I can draw flowers and birds. He has asked me to do some detail work on his acoustic guitar in the past and I love indulging him. This week he asked me to draw him a humming-bird because he had gotten tired of the old design that had been on his guitar for a couple of years now. So I did and I’m sharing it with you on today’s snap shots of life. I wish you a wonderful start to your week end!!

Hummingbird Symbolism

The hummingbird symbolizes many different concepts. Because of its speed, the hummingbird is known as a messenger and stopper of time. It is also a symbol of love, joy, and beauty. The hummingbird is also able to fly backwards, teaching us that we can look back on our past. But, this bird also teaches that we must not dwell on our past; we need to move forward. When the hummingbird hovers over flowers while drinking nectar, we learn that we should savour each moment, and appreciate the things we love.
The hummingbird has powerful spiritual significance. In the Andes of South Americathe hummingbird is a symbol of resurrection. It seems to die on cold nights, but comes back to life again at sunrise.Hummingbird is the creature that opens the heart. When the hurt that caused us to close our hearts gets a chance to heal, our hearts are free to open again.

It is not commonly known that the fluttering wings of the hummingbird move in the pattern of an infinity symbol – further solidifying their symbolism of eternity, continuity, and infinity.
By observing the Hummingbird, we see they are seemingly tireless. Always actively seeking the sweetest nectar, they remind us to forever seek out the good in life and the beauty in each day. Amazing migrators, some Hummingbirds are known to wing their way as far as 2000 miles to reach their destination. This quality reminds us to be persistent in the pursuit of our dreams, and adopt the tenacity of the Hummingbird in our lives.

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